How to Act Like a Kid Again (Boys)


If you are thinking to act like a kid, it’s a good thing. Why behave so seriously? We think that we have job, work loads, or do responsibilities in life. In the race of money, we forgot to live a life and later we remain complaining our life. We only have one life to live, so enjoy your life because every moment is very precious.

1.Hangout with your friends.
Call your friends and arrange a get-together in a park.

2.Make a silly face at a stranger.
You will definitely make someone else happy too.

3.singing rhymes
Try singing rhymes you have learned in your childhood, or sing the alphabet song in reverse order.

4.Watch cartoons
Download the cartoons that were aired during your time, or watch movies.

5.Play video Games
Play video games at home or try a water fight or snow fight.

6.Dress up the way you want.

6.Eats loads of chocolates, ice cream, candy bars, and cotton candy.
Don’t eat too much because you may get sick.