How to Ace a Job Interview (Teenage Girl)


Job interviews can be incredibly nerve racking and can leave some unfortunate teens in tears. So to help you ace your job interviews here are a few simple tips.

1.Dress appropriately.
Deciding what to wear can be hard, but it is crucial to acing your job interview. Wear clothes that are respectable and suit the job you are after. For example, if you are aiming for a job in a vintage store, try wearing vintage clothes, or if you are aiming for a job in a flower shop, try something with a little floral. Make sure your shoes are clean; believe it or not, employers do notice your shoes. The colours you wear can affect how the employer sees you subconsciously. For some ideas on how to dress, consider the following:

  • Wearing a deep blue may make you seem loyal, and a lighter blue will give the impression of peace.
  • Wearing white will give the impression of innocence and purity.
  • When wearing a nice light pink, one gives the impression of a kind, sweet personality. For something a little more bold, try a bright pink.
  • The color yellow gives the impression that you are happy and bubbly.

2.Be polite.
No one wants to work with someone who is rude or sloppy. Use good posture, stand tall and smile politely. Use your manners and never swear. Laugh politely when necessarily and be very attentive. Always speak clearly and do not interrupt the interviewer. If you can’t hear something that the interviewer is saying refrain from saying ‘What’, instead, ask them politely to repeat themselves.

3.Use body language to your advantage.
It is rare for an employer to employ someone who is shy and timid over a confident friendly person, so be sure to present yourself well through body language. Position your body toward the interviewer in an open manner. Do not cross your arms or legs. However, crossing your legs at the ankle is acceptable and polite. Keep your chin up and wear a polite confident expression at all times. At first meeting, be sure to shake your employers hand with a firm yet polite grip and offer them a genuine smile.

4.Prepare for your interview:
Before going to your interview make sure you are prepared, you need to be able to sell yourself, show that you are fit for the job. It can be hard to think of helpful answers under pressure, you don’t want to give answers like “I don’t know”. Ask your friends and family to recall any questions that they were asked at their interviews, and practice sensible answers. Here are some usual questions to help you prepare for them.

  • Why do you want to work here? (Why does the work or opportunity appeal to you?)
  • What are your plans for the future? (Don’t over brag. Don’t be overqualified, or they may, often, assume “you’re too good for the job.”)
  • What do you like about this work, shop or company? (Give a sincere reason for your compliment or it will, probably, sound false or shallow.)

Hygiene is also a key factor on acing your interview. Wash your hair and keep it sleek and smooth, don’t overdo your makeup, make sure your nails are neat and aren’t painted a dramatic colour. Have a shower and brush your teeth well before the interview, make sure you are wearing clean clothes! Have a pleasant smell, wear a little bit of perfume.

6.Be confident:
If you aren’t confident, act like you are. Wear a confident smile, this is reassuring.

  • Don’t look down. Resist the desire to disappear. Look between the interviewer’s eyes, but act calm.
  • Smile with your eyes: squint and nod slightly; it will make you seem sincere. If the interviewer shakes your hand use a firm grip, but do not squeeze too hard.
  • Make eye contact, but in saying so, too much eye-contact can be a bad thing, don’t stare.
  • Answer each question thoroughly in a clear voice , and when you leave be sure to thank the interviewer for consideration and the opportunity in a calm and friendly voice; smile.

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