How to keep your relationship happy

keep your relationship happy

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  1. share your feelings and speak up about what you want and need.
  2. Keep in touch with your friends. They also give you more to talk about when things are good.
  3. Ask your BF/GF about their ideas and views, and find out why they think the things they do. This helps you to understand where they’re coming from and to accept them for who they are.
  4. Listen to each other.
  5. Surprise your BF/GF with a fun activity, hold their hand, compliment them in front of friends or write an old fashioned love letter.
  6. Ask – don’t assume that you know what they are thinking or how they’re feeling.
  7. If you’re having sex, keep talking about contraception and using condoms. Another reason to keep talking about sex is because sometimes what you like and don’t like to do changes over time
  8. Don’t hold back when you know you have done something wrong. Saying sorry properly helps to stop built-up resentments.
  9. Make time to do things outside the relationship, with friends and by yourself.
  10. Remember what your BF/GF likes and what’s important to them