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How Job Seeker Can Use Social Media For Job Search?

Social networking sites are very helpful by creating profile on social networking sites. You as Jobseeker can leverage your carrier. You should also keep in mind that you should not post any wrong or distorted information regarding your professional as well as your personal life because it can trash your carrier. So for Jobseeker to get the advantage of job hunting you should know how to manage your profile on social networking sites.


We all know that there are certain do’s and don’ts that Jobseeker should follow while searching job through social networking sites. When you follow this do’s and don’ts it helps you to get right profession and right path to follow regarding your carrier. You can search for the perfect job by the use of online networking portals given in the guide below.

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How Jobseeker can Use Social Media for Job Search?

  • Firstly you have to make a suitable strategy on social media before starting. The organizations and companies you want to work with make a list of them and also find whether these companies are having social media profile or not. Follow the network that is utilized by the employees of the company. You too should be on those networking sites.

  • On LinkedIn you must have professional profile because if you have profiles in sites like this, it will provide more advantage to you. You can easily get connected to prospective employers and also the visibility of your profile will increase. It will be easy for the employers to track and find you for the suitable jobs. To make your profile attractive you should keep it clean and updated.

  • For getting a suitable job, Facebook is not the sole platform despite of its popularity as a social networking site. Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare are the other social networking sites. In your job search you should just utilize the potential of these sites as the rules and ways of networking of different sites are different.

  • Your profile in the social networking site should not be incomplete because if your profile is not completed it will have a negative impression on the employers .you can provide your personal as well as professional detail in the social networking site this is the advantage of searching job through social networking sites. By the help of your profile, your employers will know you in a better way. As a Jobseeker, you should not provide too much of personal information in your profile.

  • You can make friends and can grow your network in the social networking sites; it is a smart way for job search. The people with whom you want to work or with whom you are working you can make them friends. On the social networking sites of different companies you can re-tweet or comment on the posts. By this your interest in particular company and area will be showcased.

  • You can also post the sample of your work like if you have designed any site or if you have made a video. By the help of this you can present a brief introduction of what you can offer and it will also act as your online portfolio.

I will keep on adding more tips for Jobseeker, please keep visiting this page. Also, your comments are important to add more value to the article.