How does being pregnant affect your hair and why?


  • How does being pregnant affect your hair and why/how?

Most of the time the hair appears quite dull and lifeless during pregnancy, this is due to your new little person growing inside of you and taking some of your goodness. The hair will always be the first point of change, the blood in our system is what feeds our hair the goodness it needs to style very healthy. IF the blood is affected or being used for other needs it will straight away affect our hair.

  • What happens to your hair after the birth?

Most of the time the hair does fall, it can happen immediately or shortly after the birth due to the body facing shock and a dramatic change; however most of the time the hair does retain its original state.
Obviously there’s a lot of hair fall about three months after the birth – can you explain why that is and why it happens?
For those of you that are unaware, hair goes through 3 stages every year, they are resting (this is when you feel that your hair takes forever to grow), there is a growing/changing (this is when the hair feels it grows at a rapid rate or it feels so healthy and shiny) and there is a falling.
We can never be sure when these stages commence and complete. In saying this, if you combine a falling out stage with giving birth you can have a huge amount of hair fall from the head. It is very normal to loose a lot of hair after birth because of the body feeling shock and having a change happen, this causes the bulb of the hair to feel nervous and not take in all the nutrients it should to keep the hair healthy, thus in turn the hair falls.

  • Is there anything new mums can do to minimise that hair loss after the birth?

There is nothing confirmed to minimise, of course if we could have the perfect birth without painkillers or stress on the body we would not have hair fall. A good hair routine prior and after birth is suggested, a good shampoo and conditioner depending on your hair type and a treatment 2 times per week. You could also start to use a hair loss program prior and post birth to ensure the hair is very well taken care of.

  • Will the hair grow back normally or can it change permanently after the birth?

In most cases the hair does go back to its original state, there are a percentage of women that can have dramatic changes to their hair after birth. At times your hair can take on some curl or movement when the original state was straight.
Some women find that they can loose a substantial amount of hair after the birth, these are very normal stages. Giving birth is one of the most traumatic procedures that a body can endure and unfortunately this will affect a lot of things but firstly the hair will be the one to suffer the most.

  • Is it usual to go greyer after you have a baby?

No it is not usual it’s very rare, if a woman suffers a very traumatic birth then there could be a chance of the melanin dying thus causing the hair to become grey.

Source: MSN