Here’s Why You Need To Eat 1 Cup Of Yogurt Every

Yogurt is one of the best forms of dairy you can eat. Made from adding fermenting bacteria to milk, the idea of yogurt can be off-putting at first, but this fermented dairy product has an enormous list of health benefits.


Yogurt can be made in different ways, leading to various forms such as kefir, skyr, or greek yogurt. Still, all forms of yogurt are a good healthy addition to any diet but may differ in how they benefit you. Here are six amazing benefits from eating yogurt!

1. Yogurt is great for your digestive system.
In fact, the very fermentation used to create yogurt is the source of one of its main health benefits. The bacteria and yeasts used to make yogurt are actually very good for your gut health, and due to fermentation, these very microbes exist naturally in yogurt.

2. Yogurt is a great dieting food.
Since yogurt is packed to the brim with a lot of protein, even a small, low-calorie amount of yogurt will keep you feeling full longer than many other foods.

3. Yogurt has been shown to reduce high blood pressure.
Diets with high levels of cholesterol and fats will generally lead to increased blood pressure level for most individuals. The fat and cholesterol increases blood pressure by caking onto the insides of your blood vessels, causing the pathways in which blood flows to become narrower. Eating dairy products like yogurt have been shown to actually reduce this fat and cholesterol buildup.

4. Yogurt can help reduce common bone loss or osteoporosis.

By contributing a significant source of calcium, yogurt is a great way to promote bone growth. For women in their menopausal years, drops in estrogen often result in bone loss. By supplementing your diet with yogurt, the calcium can help promote healthy bones.

5. Yogurt is amazing for an immune system boost.
Although it may sound counterintuitive to add more bacteria to your body when you are sick, it can actually help boost your immunity. Since the bacteria in yogurt is great for your digestive health, it can actually help assist in boosting your immune system as well by forcing the body to create antibodies for when harmful bacteria enter the body.

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