Her Brother Died In A Car Accident. 10 Years Later On Her 15th Birthday Mom And Dad Tell Her A Secret.

Turning 15 years old is a major coming of age for any teen, but one girl in Benavides received an extra special gift at her quinceanera.

Family and friends gathered in Benavides for Monique Salinas’ quinceanera, but one guest, 18-year old Aubrey Reeves, was Monique’s most cherished present.

10 years ago, Monique’s brother Mikey was killed in a car accident; and 10 years ago, Aubrey suffered from a rare congenital heart disease. Her body rejected two previous heart transplants and doctor’s at her home in Wichita Falls said finding a match was as likely as winning the lottery. However, by some miracle Mikey’s heart and kidney were the perfect match, and years later Aubrey is still alive. Mikey’s family wanted her to meet and surprise his sister Monique on her special day.

So after dancing and singing, Monique’s family joined her at the front of the room. For the first time, her brother would be right there next to her.

The greatest gift was hearing her brother’s heart beating.

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