He Was Filming Her Pregnant Belly When He Noticed Something Amazing Happening

Pregnancy is a life-changing, exciting and unbelievable thing to experience for expecting parents. For nine months, a woman carries a baby inside her while it grows into a little human being. It is an overwhelming yet phenomenal experience for parents-to-be and is also more often than not a turning point in a person’s mindset and view on life. This video will help you see why.
A part of pregnancy is dealing with the ups and downs that come with it. There are good days, sick days and extremely bad days, but all that matters is the health of the little baby growing inside a woman’s stomach. Some babies are more active than others, and are constantly moving around in the womb.

Recently a man took a video of a woman’s pregnant belly and was lucky enough to catch an amazing moment.In the video, the expecting mother is laying down. After a few moments you can see the faint outline of the baby moving around in her stomach. The baby is an active one and the footage is pretty breathtaking. You can almost see the outline of the baby’s hand as it moves around in the woman’s stomach, and it’s pretty amazing.
Some people can be creeped out by the mere thought of pregnancy, or perhaps at the thought of a tiny little human being moving around in a person’s stomach for such a long time.

Once you put those feelings aside and really grasp and understand what it means to be an expecting parent, you might be able to better understand this video.

You can’t really appreciate the miracle of having a child until you actually go through it. Although there may be naysayers out there who find pregnancy disturbing, any parent or expecting parent can probably relate to this video, and can attest to the excitement they themselves experienced during their own pregnancy.

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