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Having trouble raising money for your tours? Here are little tips.

Many people dream of taking an extended sabbatical to travel, but most people won’t because of fears about not having enough money. What many people don’t know is that a long-term travel adventure is possible for anyone who is committed to setting a realistic budget. By utilizing any of dozens of travel fund raising ideas, a traveler can collect enough money to fund a worry-free journey to anywhere in the world.



  • Know how much money you need to travel.
  • Study the costs of the area you want to visit. Use travel guidebooks to gather the average expenses for your preferred type of lodging, food and transportation.
  • Factor in your personal costs. Review and categorize expenses that you must maintain at your permanent residence, such as health insurance and Internet access. Consider costs you can eliminate while traveling, such as car insurance and rent.
  • Combine and tally your travel and personal expenses. Use this figure as the basis for your travel fund raising plan.
  • Eliminate major expenses. For example, your cable TV and your home are 2 things you won’t need while traveling. Cancel your television service to help save money to travel. If selling your home is unreasonable, consider renting it on a short-term basis while you are away.
  • Sell your least important possessions. One of the fastest ways to raise money for traveling is to sell possessions at a yard sale, an online auction or a classified listing. With fewer material goods you can save money on long-term storage fees.
  • Start a small side business.
  • Turn your hobby into a small side business. Whether you create crafts, walk dogs or can offer business consulting services, extra revenue from a part-time job will enable you to travel longer without worry.
  • Set up an online fundraising page.
  • Build a social networking presence to conduct an online fund raising auction. Create accounts at the most popular social networking communities. Then take advantage of free software available from organizations such as, which enables anyone to start a fund raising website and integrate it within their social networking communities.
  • Work while traveling. Get to know an area better by working a short-term job. These types of jobs include everything from day labor on construction sites to office jobs to serving as a campground host at a resort.
  • Find jobs through online classified advertisements, temporary help agencies and industry-specific communities such as, an online resource for RVers who want short-term work while traveling.

When looking for a job during your travels, seek out employers who will allow a full or partial trade of labor for room and board.
If you decide to start a side business, consider making it an online endeavor. If your business doesn’t require you to stock or ship inventory, you can offer your product while traveling and enjoy ongoing, reliable residual income.
When traveling to a foreign country, know what paperwork is required to work in that location. Ensure you have the right permits to work at your destination before you embark on a job search.