Guy Mocking Special Olympics Athletes Gets Shut Down By Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Special Olympics are an extraordinary event that celebrates human triumph even against the difficulties that human bodies often place on people. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man who knows what it means to test the limits of one’s body, was recently at the event taking photos and videos of the amazing experience.
One of his videos, captioned “These guys inspire me!” caught particular attention.

Naturally, the comments began to flow in. While most of the comments were positive, there were some people who naturally tried to troll the feed.

Most celebrities naturally shy away from hateful internet comments, but Schwarzenegger decided to comment back and teach a lesson in humility.



Showcasing that Special Olympics athletes overcome a variety of trials that other athletes may not have to deal with, on top of rigorous physical training, Schwarzenegger shows patience and proves that behind the trolling are real people who can get hurt by comments by people who have never been in their situation. It’s a true lesson in thinking a little bit harder about our word choices!

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