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Expelled Rays of Hope

How to begin, that is the huge question that hides one’s vision when you are asked to write or write about a subject that haunts, yes that’s the exact word, these massive structures that emits lights actually haunts me, how light can haunt someone, sometimes darkness in so comforting, like a cradle.


Hellenistic civilization the people responsible for these marvels, but Roman built are the one which survived the test of time, with the picture above its evidence the topic I chose to bank on, The Lighthouses, how many of us knew what these lighthouses are all about or how many of us had seen these structures of hope in person, any guess which one was the very first on the sequences, well they were nature build, the volcano, Sailors sometimes used landmarks such as glowing volcanoes to guide them, Pharos of Alexandria is the first one that is recorded in history and was built about 280 BC, This fantastic structure survived for 1500 years until it was completely destroyed by an earthquake in the 14th century, the term pharologists was derived from that ancient lighthouse of Egypt.

These lighthouses were maintained by the lighthouse keepers, but at present day with fast moving human greed and the end result of technological advancement these keepers were replaced by machines, and the wages earned by these keepers replaced ?! Who bothers right, but to be an exception only the Boston lighthouse are maintained by the keeper, reason, just sentimental.

It’s human nature to ignore or avoid the person who had helped them on their critical situations; we never bother about the people who made us to reach the place where we are, sons/ daughters ignoring their aged parents, we never think of the same state which will be experienced by us in the future, we have seen instances where aged parents been humiliated and made victims of domestic violence, end result, either these poor souls are forced to quit their homes or they are transported to old age homes, which are picking up popularity to dump their parents and they will go for a trip to some devotional place to find internal peace, its simply like dropping honey into the ocean and searching for sweetness in it, what we don’t think is the past years, the years which we gave them sleepless nights as new born baby, they enjoyed those moments without realizing those are rehearsals we gave to them for the future, only difference is they are sleepless because of the pain we injected straight in to the tender hearts of the parents,

By sacrificing everything they fulfilled our needs, when the payback time comes we ignore them for our convenience, the thing is we will never be able to pay pack those sacrifices, then why just try to do things which at least doesn’t hurt them, when will we realize the god we searching for was actually with us, taking care of us, protecting us without been paid, to pay our prayers we can wait in the long queue but we can’t wait in the queue to book tickets for a medical checkup, we can tolerate whatever humiliation we get from our work place, but can’t tolerate when our parents complaints about the promises we break, ignoring the lighthouse once which was the only source of hope, whatever technological advancement happens breast feeding can’t be replaced, if we replace that connection with the mom and the kid the human in us will be demised forever,

Life is so simple, we are just complicating it with our egos, how can we just ignore or restraint the rays of hope which made us what we are today, now some what I got the answer for the haunting, when I see these lighthouses, it metaphorically connects to the people who are left alone, after the use its been disposed lonely, we are not even paying any respect to these structure, or this is not the answer, it’s the question put in front of us that how are we going to get on to the shores from the sin of seas, the only hope is these marvels which will guide us to a safer port, am still in search what is the fact that these lighthouse got to tell us, the endless stories, and in hope to find the answer for my unrest, seeing these structure I continue my quest, the quest only can be accomplished by taking care of the lighthouses…! The journey begins..!