Eating Frogs Alive

This video contains a representation of shock. Of frog sashimi is delicious. This dish is eaten in Tokyo’s Shinjuku. The name of the shop is ASADACHI. De la grenouille du sashimi est délicieux. Ce plat se déguste à Shinjuku de Tokyo. Le nom de and say la boutique est ASADACHI. sashimi, I should be able to image the fish. But there are many types of sashimi cuisine, horse meat horse sashimi, chicken chicken sashimi, the lever is called sashimi. However, “Kae in Japan and being able to cuisine, the so-called idle stab “is also present, and actually eat. Frog sashimi is food this time I decided to go to the pub should be, I try to eat really. What taste will to really do? Is located at about a 3-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station “AsaOkoshi” the tavern, (morning wood). Here under the sanitary control thorough, us entertained guests with unusual dishes get the energy.