Do you know, what is your Rank on Facebook?

Your rank on Facebook, according to the time you joined it. Seems interesting, there are near 13 million people on Facebook and still the number is ever-increasing. One of the most popular and busiest social networking sites out there. And your number on the list of Facebook records sounds really amazing.


Natalia Rojas, designed this website ‘The Faces of Facebook’ ( Natalia added that they do not store any data from the profile. ‘The Faces of Facebook’ allows you to find out where you stand in the list, starting from Mr. Zuckerberg. When I checked my number, I am on the list at number 78,765,903. What I did was just connected to this website using my Facebook profile.

In this website the growth of population in Facebook is shown. A tiny dot what looks like white noise represents each member on Facebook, if you wish to find yourself then all you need to do is click the location symbol found top right and then connect, it will then automatically find you and show you when you joined with a number. When you click on any dot it zooms in to show faces, click a face and it goes to their Facebook profile

It is nothing serious; The Faces of Facebook is just for fun and pass time. You can just play around spend some time and know the status of your number in the list and just move on.