Differences between American and Russian Girls


American and Russian girls are very different. These differences arise from the ways they are brought up in their contrasting societies. While American girls share more feministic views on a relationship between a man and a woman, Russian girls are more used to a patriarchal social system of their country.

Dating an American Girl vs. Dating a Russian Girl

For about a century American women have been affected by feminism. As a result it became almost impossible to court an American woman in a traditional way. This means that if a man is taking a girl out on a date anywhere she prefers to go, the man may get in trouble for pay for her entertainment or meal. Many actions a man does as a form of courting can be evaluated as sexual or aggressive. Sometimes a man ends up listening to the girl’s complaints about men and her reasons for hating them. At the end of the date, the girl is likely to leave in her own car.

If a man is going out on a date with a Russian girl, she will expect him to court and romance her. She will expect him to pick her up and bring her home. He will get a funny look from the girl if he doesn’t open the door for her, if he doesn’t help her get into her seat at a restaurant, if he doesn’t help her take her coat off, if he doesn’t order her and his food himself, and in general if he doesn’t act like any man should on a date. In Russian culture, the woman’s independence from the man is not something that should be actively demonstrated during the date. A good sense of humor is very welcome. Also a sense of fashion is required, meaning that coming to the first date in tennis shoes, jeans and sportswear, may leave a bad impression. If the man cusses and uses foul language, he should not expect the date to last long.

Marrying an American Girl vs. Marrying a Russian Girl

Many American women want to make an impression that they are absolutely independent. They do not need a man to make their life happier or more complete. Men, who are attracted by all-sufficient, free women, can often find great friendship and build a strong partnership with an American woman. An American girl is not afraid to show her power, and often puts herself in the first place when she plans her life and career.

Russian girls are less self-reliant. A girl will often need her man’s advice or ask for his opinion about anything. Her goal is to share her experiences with her partner and she expects the same in return. She will often follow her future partner to the end of the world, and will only make an important decision about her life with his agreement and support.

Growing Old with an American Girl vs. Growing Old with a Russian Girl

An American girl’s prerogative is being successful in life. The opinion of her friends and colleagues is very important and should not be sacrificed under any conditions. She will often keep appearances and will try to look happy even when she is upset. If a man wants to spend the rest of his life with an American woman, he needs to learn to take care of himself, which involves doing his own laundry and taking care of kids. An American woman will often be busy doing her own work, following her own goals and building her career.

Men tend to get spoiled with Russian girls’ affection and care. A Russian girl usually creates a more traditional family. She will do the chores and the man will provide for the family. However, for a Russian woman the happiness and wellbeing of her children are very important, which is why she will often combine taking care of the house with working if it means that they will have a better future.

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