Chinese Model Stuns Internet with Doll-Like Features

The features of a doll is quite different from an actual human being; however one Chinese model achieves the doll-like features through her make-up skills and fashion sense.

Meet Kina Shen, a 25-year-old blogger and model, who looks like a living doll. Her fan based is mainly in China, but she has over 460,000 followers on Instagram. She started her Instagram in 2013 and has gained much fame for her porcelain skin, make-up skills that creates anime-like eyes, and trendy outfits. All of these features makes Shen look like a doll.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing Management at The Art Institute of California Hollywood and has made YouTube tutorials on her eye make-up.
Her taste in fashion is very distinguishable and she prefers wearing gothic fashion. She sometimes likes to cosplay, making her look like an actual anime character.

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Source: NextShark