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Here’s A Water Bottle You Can Actually Eat

What if you could have a water bottle without the wasteful, toxic plastic? (And a water fountain doesn’t count. Not consumer-y enough, Buddha.) Three British design students wanted to answer that question, seeing as we’re basically drowning in plastic. Their Lexus Design Award-winning solution is the portable, edible, and weird-looking Ooho: an edible water “bottle” …

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You Got 3D Goggles? Then Take this Awesome 3D tour in ISS (Iternational Space Station)

Unless you’ve been aboard, you’ve never seen the International Space Station in three dimensions. But now you can, thanks to a mesmerizing new 3D video posted on NASA’s Marshall Center YouTube channel on Monday. So grab those red-and-blue specs and have a look (above). The video was recorded in 2012 by NASA astronaut Don Pettit …

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