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Daddy Tries Really Hard to Discipline Adorable, Paint Covered Kids… FUNNY

This dad clearly wanted to give his two young sons a stern telling-off after they mischievously got paint everywhere, including all over themselves. But his plan was totally thwarted — by his own uncontrollable laughter. In a video posted to YouTube on Nov. 17, the tickled papa films the paint-covered kids as he attempts to …

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iMac 27″ Retina 5K Display Teardown. Let Us See What’s inside. Video.

Think of the most colorful and radiant display you’ve ever seen. Now, discard that memory and stare at Apple’s newest iMac Intel 27” with Retina 5K Display. We’re not talking 1080p or 4K, we’re talking about 5K—millions and millions of pixels on a 27-inch display. Will the addition of a high-resolution display affect the repairability …

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Difference between the 2 Internet shopping Giants is gonna Surprise you. Alibaba Vs Amazon In a Chart

China’s Alibaba Group is becoming a serious threat to Amazon. The e-commerce giant is expected to make an initial public offering in September that could top $16 billion to become the biggest IPO in history. The company’s websites account for 80% of all online commerce in China and its sales are growing rapidly. But Alibaba’s …

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