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Divorced couple still takes a family portrait every year for their son


When a family divorces it doesn’t mean that doing activities as a family has to end. Some families, like Victoria …

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10 Signs He Can Change


How do you know if a relationship is worth holding on to? Do you get a feeling, a sign, or …

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Little Boy’s Adorable Texts To His Older Sister Left The Entire Internet In Tears


Siblings aren’t really expected to get along. Despite being family, brothers and sisters tend to be in a constant state …

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Sign From Heaven Arrives For Mom Visiting Late Son’s Grave


The 45-year-old Marie Robinson from Waterlooville, Hampshire lost her son Jack three years ago due to a brain tumor. The …

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Single Dad Starts Father-Daughter Hairstyling Academy


What does it really mean to be a good father? More specifically, what does it mean to be a good …

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Here’s what Google CEO Sundar Pichai said to a 7-year-old who applied for a job


“Dear Google boss,” starts one little girl’s letter to the head of the search engine giant, “My name is Chloe …

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Best Pregnancy Announcement Ever


Many times, the greatest blessings are the ones you least expect.
In 2014, avid dirt bike rider Todd Krieg found himself …

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Couple Adopts The Last Dog Left At The Shelter, A blind German Shepherd.


The Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix had quite a successful Thanksgiving weekend this year. Like other shelters, they waived their …

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Mom Finds A Bagged Lunch In The Fridge, Then She Reads The Secret Note From Her Son.


The first day of school is difficult for both parents and kids every year, but the very first day of school, …

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Single Mom Dresses As Dad So Her Son Wouldn’t Miss ‘Donuts With Dad’ Day At School.


When Yevette Vasquez and Elijah had first pulled up to Sue Crouch Intermediate School last week, she wondered why there …

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