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Didn’t sleep very well last night? Here’s how to bounce back and feel great the next day


A crappy night is bound to happen every now and then. Unless you’re a panda, many people, if not most, …

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He Was Filming Her Pregnant Belly When He Noticed Something Amazing Happening


Pregnancy is a life-changing, exciting and unbelievable thing to experience for expecting parents. For nine months, a woman carries a …

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Here’s what happens to your body after you drink a cup of coffee


82% of Americans surveyed in a 2015 poll said they drink coffee every day. Additionally, the national average of cups …

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Here’s Why You Need To Eat 1 Cup Of Yogurt Every


Yogurt is one of the best forms of dairy you can eat. Made from adding fermenting bacteria to milk, the …

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5 exercises that will change your body


Being fit is no easy task. It takes determination, motivation, willpower and resilience. One of the hardest parts of living …

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Professional Secrets to Straightening Your Hair Without Using Heat


Heat application is one the central causes of hair damage and lack of hair growth on our luscious locks. Hair …

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7 effective yoga poses for beautiful body in your dreams


Healthy living and exercise are vital to building a strong body. For those that are interested in building beautiful body, …

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What Happens in Your Body When You Eat Too Much Sugar?


Who doesn’t love sugar? The sweet crystalline carbohydrate seems to be everywhere and in everything, but consuming too much of …

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Therapy dogs for kids, Reduces recovery time by up to 30%.


John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, Australia, is revolutionizing the way they help their patients recover by welcoming some furry visitors—dogs.
Along …

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Mom Refuses To Go Outside With Her New Born Baby, The Reason Is Shocking.


Stephanie and Dan Dworksy were shocked when they saw their newborn son, Kacy, for the first time.
You know, you go …

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