Boy Born With Swollen Head, But 6 Years Later Doctors Are Shocked By See Him.

Jillian was thrilled to learn she was pregnant with a baby boy. However, her elation quickly turned to concern when her son Robert was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at 19 weeks gestation.

Hydrocephalus is a potentially fatal illness that results in a build-up of water on the brain, and can cause a baby’s head to swell up to three or four times its normal size.

Doctors repeatedly told Jillian to terminate her pregnancy. Even if Robert did survive past childbirth, they said he would have little-to-no quality of life. In fact, they said he would most likely “spastically move and drool.”

But Jillian remained defiant. It took lots of prayers, lots of cuddles and lots of support — but together, Jillian and Robert have proved the doctors completely wrong.

Today, Robert is six years old and in the first grade. He is very intelligent and loves playing on the iPad and the piano. Although he does have developmental delays, Jillian says he reads, counts, and knows all of his animals, shapes and colors.


Robert has undergone several brain surgeries. With prayer, medical attention, love — and two different helmets to help shape his head — boy continues to make incredible progress.

“Right now he has a wheelchair and a walker,” Jillian told LittleThings. “He is very strong-willed and likes to move his own chair. He gets frustrated when others try and push it!”

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