Body language, Why It matter?

People think we communicate through words and we only care for our words, but it’s not right thing we have to give some attention to our body language also. Actually our body reaction is more important than our words. For example if someone says he is happy but all the time his frowning. To interpret persons feeling body language is one of the medium. Eye moment, facial gesture, hand gesture, position of body and so on all are sign of you inner state and intentions,  body never lies. Our emotions can be interpreted by our brain. So our body reacts according to it. One can get clue of your inner state from the expression and body language. In this article you will come to know about different postures and body languages.



You may remember the days of your childhood where your parents and teacher told you to stand straight and sit in straight position. Straight structure is not only signed of youthfulness and good health but it’s also become the matter for good and a bad impression. Your head should be straight and high, and your chest should be out and breathing properly.

Universal facial expression:

In every human being some articulated and recognized facial expression seems always. And these facial expressions don’t matter for particular age or content, it’s for all type of ages and content. Some emotions like fear, anger, surprise, happiness can be quickly interpreted by others. For every human being they have their own code for emotion.

Eye expression:

Whenever you talk to people, try to make eye contact with that person. Making eye contact is very important thing in communication. It helps to express our feeling in better way. But remember eye contact should be in such limit that it doesn’t seem aggressive. It’s said that as compare to men’s women’s blink their eyes twice. It may be sign of excitement or surprise. So eyes reveals many things.


Mouth is the most important part because smile come under this department which is the sign of happy interaction. Smile is the thing which comes with different emotions. Like people smile for small reasons, to interact someone or else. It’s give feeling of relaxation.


The position of head movement, to analyze the sign of agrees or digression. Mostly people use their head movement for giving some decision in simple way. Yes or no.  Our head moment with high chin that’s means good confidence and if low chin then it means low confidence.

Hand and arm:

Hands and arms are mostly use while communicating. Agreement sign is nodding where as disagreement sign is fast nodding. The different sign may be interpreted with the movement of hands. So hands are very important part of body language.

Legs and feet:

Legs and feet play an important role in body language. As if we are nervous our feet are starting shaking, this kind of activities happens with some peoples. Position of feet’s and knees shows attention. So awareness towards your body language makes you more flexible.