Married or not… you should read this.

When I got home that night my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I’ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes.

Suddenly I didn’t know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking about divorce. I raised the topic calmly. She didn’t seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why?

I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn’t talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn’t love her anymore. I just pitied her!

With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company. She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. The woman who had spent ten years of her life with me had become a stranger. I felt sorry for her wasted time, resources and energy but I could not take back what I had said for I loved Jane so dearly. Finally she cried loudly in front of me, which was what I had expected to see. To me her cry was actually a kind of release. The idea of divorce which had obsessed me for several weeks seemed to be firmer and clearer now.

The next day, I came back home very late and found her writing something at the table. I didn’t have supper but went straight to sleep and fell asleep very fast because I was tired after an eventful day with Jane. When I woke up, she was still there at the table writing. I just did not care so I turned over and was asleep again.

In the morning she presented her divorce conditions: she didn’t want anything from me, but needed a month’s notice before the divorce. She requested that in that one month we both struggle to live as normal a life as possible. Her reasons were simple: our son had his exams in a month’s time and she didn’t want to disrupt him with our broken marriage.

This was agreeable to me. But she had something more, she asked me to recall how I had carried her into out bridal room on our wedding day. She requested that every day for the month’s duration I carry her out of our bedroom to the front door ever morning. I thought she was going crazy. Just to make our last days together bearable I accepted her odd request.

I told Jane about my wife’s divorce conditions. . She laughed loudly and thought it was absurd. No matter what tricks she applies, she has to face the divorce, she said scornfully.

My wife and I hadn’t had any body contact since my divorce intention was explicitly expressed. So when I carried her out on the first day, we both appeared clumsy. Our son clapped behind us, daddy is holding mommy in his arms. His words brought me a sense of pain. From the bedroom to the sitting room, then to the door, I walked over ten meters with her in my arms. She closed her eyes and said softly; don’t tell our son about the divorce. I nodded, feeling somewhat upset. I put her down outside the door. She went to wait for the bus to work. I drove alone to the office.

On the second day, both of us acted much more easily. She leaned on my chest. I could smell the fragrance of her blouse. I realized that I hadn’t looked at this woman carefully for a long time. I realized she was not young any more. There were fine wrinkles on her face, her hair was graying! Our marriage had taken its toll on her. For a minute I wondered what I had done to her.

On the fourth day, when I lifted her up, I felt a sense of intimacy returning. This was the woman who had given ten years of her life to me. On the fifth and sixth day, I realized that our sense of intimacy was growing again. I didn’t tell Jane about this. It became easier to carry her as the month slipped by. Perhaps the everyday workout made me stronger.

She was choosing what to wear one morning. She tried on quite a few dresses but could not find a suitable one. Then she sighed, all my dresses have grown bigger. I suddenly realized that she had grown so thin, that was the reason why I could carry her more easily.

Suddenly it hit me… she had buried so much pain and bitterness in her heart. Subconsciously I reached out and touched her head.

Our son came in at the moment and said, Dad, it’s time to carry mom out. To him, seeing his father carrying his mother out had become an essential part of his life. My wife gestured to our son to come closer and hugged him tightly. I turned my face away because I was afraid I might change my mind at this last minute. I then held her in my arms, walking from the bedroom, through the sitting room, to the hallway. Her hand surrounded my neck softly and naturally. I held her body tightly; it was just like our wedding day.

But her much lighter weight made me sad. On the last day, when I held her in my arms I could hardly move a step. Our son had gone to school. I held her tightly and said, I hadn’t noticed that our life lacked intimacy. I drove to office…. jumped out of the car swiftly without locking the door. I was afraid any delay would make me change my mind…I walked upstairs. Jane opened the door and I said to her, Sorry, Jane, I do not want the divorce anymore.

She looked at me, astonished, and then touched my forehead. Do you have a fever? She said. I moved her hand off my head. Sorry, Jane, I said, I won’t divorce. My marriage life was boring probably because she and I didn’t value the details of our lives, not because we didn’t love each other anymore. Now I realize that since I carried her into my home on our wedding day I am supposed to hold her until death do us apart. Jane seemed to suddenly wake up. She gave me a loud slap and then slammed the door and burst into tears. I walked downstairs and drove away. At the floral shop on the way, I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my wife. The salesgirl asked me what to write on the card. I smiled and wrote, I’ll carry you out every morning until death do us apart.

That evening I arrived home, flowers in my hands, a smile on my face, I run up stairs, only to find my wife in the bed – dead. My wife had been fighting CANCER for months and I was so busy with Jane to even notice. She knew that she would die soon and she wanted to save me from the whatever negative reaction from our son, in case we push through with the divorce.— At least, in the eyes of our son—- I’m a loving husband….

The small details of your lives are what really matter in a relationship. It is not the mansion, the car, property, the money in the bank. These create an environment conducive for happiness but cannot give happiness in themselves.

So find time to be your spouse’s friend and do those little things for each other that build intimacy. Do have a real happy marriage!

If you don’t share this, nothing will happen to you.

If you do, you just might save a marriage. Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Written by: Kimmies Floral


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  • Costea

    astonishing! touched me!

    • shorrock1

      This has been my life for the past 12 months, although I am not terminally ill, I have silently fought to keep my family together, this has been the hardest journey I have had to encounter !!

      • Julie Cutter

        you are brave. stay strong.

      • Jase

        Don’t be silent – say out loud what your heart says, without anger

        • Lola James

          i bump my bf for nothing and now am feeling it

      • lisa k.

        Have you ever read Paul David Tripp’s book: What Did You Expect? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage. I haven’t finished it yet, but boy is is worthwhile.

        • Syd Martin

          Great book so is I’m married but I Feel Like I’m Single

        • serafinadances

          Thank you, Lisa. I just ordered it on

      • adsasd

        who cares

        • Tim

          People with hearts and brains care, guess you have neither…

          • My name is Piss Tim

            think i just vommited …while reading your comments..

          • Phil

            Your comment just made me throw up a little bit in my mouth Tim…

        • Chris

          Your name tells me everything I need to know.

          • Mr. Wake Up

            You don’t need to know much then

        • Thaisea

          One Day you’ll care… It may be your Mother or a dear loved one , but you will feel the pain!

        • Antoan

          adsasd, I assume you’re just a troll since you came up with a name like that.

          You’re heartless, but you probably don’t care. Be dumbass for the rest of your life.

          • Mr. Wake Up

            It’s usually the parents who come up with the name, and it’s pretty offensive and irrelevant to use as an argument.

        • janie

          It is in your name your sad

        • Sedon

          You are the most caring here.. else you would not have spent a second commenting here :D

          • Mr. Wake Up

            You pretty much ruin your point by commenting

          • Sedon only replied once

            Sedon only replied once, whereas you’ve replied multiple times to multiple people. I do believe, sir, that you are the one that cares– if not for the wrong reasons. I’m a Psychologist, although, I did not necessitate a degree to see through your fog of nonsense. Fall into obscurity for a while until you find yourself, please.

        • Ross

          The only way to make this article about you and you nailed it but that is a lot about mind over matter, we don’t mind because you don’t MATTER!!!!

          • Mr. Wake Up

            I usually don’t use capital letters when I don’t mind

        • tawnyatucker

          I care!

          • Mr. Wake Up

            You shouldn’t. It’s dumb.

        • Gunkateka

          You care enough to write a comment.

      • Jake

        I too have silently fought to keep my family together. Not much changed until last year when I, myself, decided it was time for me to speak to my whole family at once. We discussed family issues and I suggested a few ways to easily solve them. I rarely talk or have an opinion, but my family listened and agreed. I helped save them. This year has been the happiest my family has ever been because of me and it is all because sometimes one voice is all a family needs to help hold them together.

      • Marion

        When I was a kid growing up, my parents nearly separated several times. They kept getting back together. I liked to think that it was because my siblings and I were crying and that at the end of their fights, when one of them started packing, they thought about us and decided to settle their differences. Well, turns out it had been too much. I’m now past thirty, living away from the one parent who still lives. The hurt is still there and I end up wondering if it had been wiser if they separated if they really couldn’t get along.

        • Heather

          I can say as a mom of three and near your age that I have tried to stay together for my children. I soon plan to leave though because the hurt their father has caused is beginning to affect them and how they act. They see what’s on the surface, as I’m sure you did, but they (hopefully) will never fully understand the devastation. It is unbearable to be with someone that you love so very much, that doesn’t love you back. To see them give that love to other women, but not you. Living with someone that continuously betrays and hurts you begins to take away who you are and then you start having less and less to give others, like your children. I love them with all of my heart and have fought with all I have for years to save this marriage because I didn’t want them to deal with divorce as I had. The last few years of my marriage have been dealing with one affair after another and verbal (and sometimes physical) abuse, and yes, this can happen and the kids not see it. I realized one day that I had put so much energy into hiding this reality from them and trying to fix him that I had began neglecting their emotional needs. I was just stretched so thin by it all to say the least. That’s when I realized him and saving this marriage no longer were a priority. My kids love me as I do them, unconditionally and they need me. I do not tell them anymore than they see. They love their dad and he loves them. the hurt he has caused is mine, not theirs. So, my explanation for when i leave, for now, it will be “it was just too much.” I don’t know if a day will come that I will be able to speak the words to them about what their father has actually done, I don’t want to hurt them with that much truth. But I know that if I am going to be whole again and be able to be 100 % which they deserve nothing less, then I have to take care of me and make my world all about them and not his drama. I hope you can see what I am getting at and I hope the best for you and your family. My dad told me years ago that it ”was just too much” and I won’t lie, it kind of hurt because I thought, how much is too much for you to deal with to keep your kids, your family, together. I had to learn that answer the hard way and I hope you don’t. Just remember that sometimes leaving a toxic situation really is best. Even our parents are human and people really do have a breaking point but that in no way means you aren’t loved, they just can’t fight anymore AND function. Look at me, I want to get out of here because I love my children. Because I want peacefulness and calm in their lives and mine. They deserve calm and joy as much as they need love and affection. Try to take note that if they are sticking with “it was just too much” then they are trying to protect you, it is too hard for them to speak about, or both. It really is the more respectful thing to do versus trashing the other to their kid. Best wishes to you!

          • Mommy10

            Hello Heather,

            I know how you’re feeling. No, really I do! I had to make that same painful and devastating choice of leaving and filing for divorce. It’s been over 1-1/2 now and my child and I are living a different life. Life does get better and even easier….but it is an extremely slow process though. Living in that bad marriage was taking a toll on me physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. The wounds are still there and they are sooooo deep still, but with God, all things are possible. I am so proud of you. It’s one step at a time. I will pray for that opportunity to leave. God bless you. I will be praying for the hearts of your sweet children.

          • Thestrongg

            You are an amazingly strong woman, you should talk about your story and share it as much as you can with others. Your story inspires me, and makes me think about my own situation. Thankss for sharing!!

          • Gina33


            As I read your post, I felt it important to tell you that your marriage has been quite abusive. Often people think of abuse as physical or, perhaps, verbal, but never consider extra marital affairs as yet another sign of abuse. I don’t expect to comfort you, although I wish I could, by telling you that this is a problem that lies deep within your husband and it has nothing to do with you. While it affects you right to the core of your heart and soul, your husband’s indiscretions have absolutely nothing to do with a failure on your part, but his own. He has obviously learned to deal with conflict, whether it be internal or within your marriage, by abusing people and hasn’t the foggiest notion how his actions have harmed you deeply. While this is really his karma and something he must face when he meets his maker, it is equally important for you to realize that you are the cause of your own pain by allowing him to treat you this way. For whatever holds you there with him, whether it is financial or your sense of keeping your family together, no one should be allowed to disrespect you so, physically, emotionally, or otherwise. You allow him to be abusive by remaining his wife in what only could be called an unhealthy situation. No matter how much you try to keep this from your children, there is no way that they don’t sense a very unhealthy environment no matter how much you might try to treat it as normal. This will affect them in ways you may not have realized, so you have not spared them as you hope you have. But, here is the thing, all along you have had more power than you have realized. Within you lies the power to decide that no one, NO ONE, gets to treat you this way. Until you realize that you allow your husband to hold all of the power by allowing him to treat you this way, he will continue to hold all of the power. In a very twisted and sick way, this is what his actions are really all about. The more you put your energy into him and the pain he causes you, the longer you are held in his grasp. One day, you must wake up and think of no one other than yourself. One day, you must wake up and realize that if you put the energy into yourself that you have so wasted on him, you can and will achieve great things. I don’t know what your life’s experience has been, but my sense is that you have learned somehow in your life to feel powerless in the face of a problem or conflict. Something in the way you handle how he treats you sabotages you. Either you grew up in a home with abuse or are a timid person, I don’t know and it doesn’t matter other than how your past has taught you to handle the present. With that said, I am here to tell you that within you lies both the problem and the solution. I pray that God will give you the strength to do what needs to be done so you can find your peace, your self respect, and the love you once held for yourself. You know what needs to be done, find the strength to do it.

          • sarah miskam

            your comment truly touched my soul. I’m teary eyed and more than appreciative that you wore that. ….

          • Mary Menard

            Thank you!

      • Tom Milligan

        It *is* the hardest journey you’ll have to encounter. And you might come out of it on the other side in a very, very good place. I’m an old guy, just happened on this on FB. I had a similar experience…

        and so did my wife…

        but somehow we toughed out together and here we are just past 45 years…

        I’ll admit it was partly blind luck… or as some might say, the grace of God.

        *However* … if you’re in an abusive circumstance… you know you need to get out. And I hope you know you have to be very careful when you decide to go.

        I pray for you. Good luck

      • Martha

        May God be with you every step and hold you in His arms.

      • Jay Poynte

        He got what he deserved….guilt until he dies. selfishly, he made her last moments of life profoundly sadder. Dumb F.

      • Tara

        Keep fighting! People will notice and they will thank you. :-)

      • Mr. Wake Up

        If you have to whine about it it’s not worth it.

      • ramona

        Same here and everyday for me it gets harder and harder because I knowy husband doesn’t respect our marriage or me and to him all I am is the mother of his kids. He will continue to disrespect me and the vows we took even though he has said his affair is over

      • Isabel

        Pray… God does miracles…. He’s saved mine when I thought it would never

      • Yeevie

        Quitmaking it a secret. Open up and see what will happen. You’ve tried the quiet wayfor too long. You deserve another option. Stay solid

      • Tiffany white

        Continue to fight until you can no longer breathe. God bless you dear

      • E

        I feel like im paddling in the same boat with no current to move me forward.

      • Margie

        I will keep you in my prayers! Today people have this “don’t care attitude about marriage and think divorce is the only option instead of trying to work on their marriage! The bond of marriage should not be entered into and taken lightly. You will stand before your maker and be held accountable for your marriage vows! Marriage is not easy, it is always a work in progress with compromise on both parts!

      • http://MadameNoire Janet

        God bless you I’ll pray for your marriage your family to remain intact God willing

      • sue

        in time what’s meant to be will be stay prayerful and let God guide your steps.. life is too short to waste it.. do what you have to do @shorrock1

      • will

        Would love to hear the details…what’s going on?

      • paul

        I pray that you get healed in the name of Jesus! If you don’t have a Bible do a Google search for the scriptures below. Mt friend Jesus came to save us and heal us. In Christ Jesus healing is your potion
        Read these scriptures and confess them always these are the promise of God (when you have receive Jesus in your heart as your personal Lord and savior)
        Proverbs 4:20-22
        Exodus 15:26
        Exodus 23:25
        Isaiah 53:4-5
        Proverbs 17:22

        Find Refuge in God Psalm 91:3-4
        For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence; he will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.

    • DRay Bennett

      Sad thing for me is that i didnt cry i didnt even feel sad i think im losing my feelings from holding them all in for 10 years??? Didnt even cry when my great grandfather died too what is going on with me

      • Misty

        You sound like you may be numb, it’s a coping mechanism. It does help to talk to strangers, believe it or not. You don’t feel judged because they don’t know you and sometimes it much more easier to open up to someone you are not familiar with. We tend to want to be “strong” for the people we love. Sometimes though, we cant release the emotions we need to heal.

      • nanisko

        Is crying the only symbol of feeling pain? No. Some people cannot cry or do not prefer to cry but they feel the pain in the bottom of of their hearts. Don’t underestimate your yourself.

        • http://Facebook Clarence Lige

          Hi nanisko, I like what you said, it was a great thing to say, I won’t forget it. Thanks

    • http://AfriendpostedthisonFacebook Alice Castle

      1. Thats why no matter what we never tgo to bed mad e
      2. We set a date night no matter what its every Saturday night. But w do go out tonight but make sure that sSaturday is our night.
      3. Dont get family or friends involved in your problems. If you have any. I truly believe that people like to see other people unhappy at times.

      This words words of wisdom from a very important lady in my life.
      She what’s called my mom. She was a very wise person God bless her soul

      • Mr. Wake Up

        It’s not very clear what you are talking about.

    • phyllis diggles

      it was so good i cryed

      • Mr. Wake Up

        If this made you cry there isn’t much hope for humanity.

        • Tonya

          “Mr. Wake Up” it seems you don’t have much of a life if you’re constantly commenting on this. Why don’t you wake up and get a real life? Just a suggestion. Sorry for the bad things in your life that made you this way

        • ash

          not much hope for humanity while your alive mr wake up.

    • Eagle Vega

      Anyone notice this was written by Kimmie florals? It’s just a story to sell more flowers right? I doubt this guy’s first name is Kimmie and his last name is Florals.

      • Ashley

        I too was skeptical of the ‘story’ with all its coincidences. said the original story is from 2004 and had a happy ending with an inspiring message of a marriage success. However the ‘she died’ sentence was added in 2007 and the Cancer paragraph was added in 2009, turning the story into a depressing ‘too little too late’ message.

        • ilene Neterer

          Thanks for your research Ashley, I was wondering if it was a true story?
          My ex is happily married to his fourth wife? NOT

        • Caleb S

          Amazing how many stories go on with the attitude of “it must be true”

          What got me skeptical of the whole story outside the author. Was that the wife talks about not wanting a divorce because their son was going through finals. That brings an image of some one who is High School? College? Maybe Post Graduate?

          Then later the husband implies the boy is much younger with “Our son clapped behind us, daddy is holding mommy in his arms. His words brought me a sense of pain.”

          Now it could be a second son though they only mention the first specifically. And only one throughout the story. Regardless the first version of this story would be more a help in refocusing then this depressing cancer ender.

        • sarahf

          Best part of the story is that the sneaky guy ended up without Jane OR his wife!

      • Speechless

        This story is legend, and every word of it is true. Look it up.

    • Ian

      Ok, heartfelt story of blah blah… Anyone notice the author? ‘Kimmies Floral’. I don’t know if this is a true story, but the author red flagged it for me. I suspect that it’s simply a manipulative, subtle advertisement designed to increase flower sales, created with the right amount of shmaltz to make it meme-worthy: Recall that in the protagonist’s moment of the revelation of his ‘true love’ for his wife, he gets her flowers – yes, emotional blackmail for all the people out there with less than perfect marriages (and nothing is ever perfect) to make them buy friggin’ flowers… I’m sorry, but that tainted it for me, and made me quite angry.

    • Susan

      …The guy should have just continued banging Jane quietly…why would he want to get marrired again…*nuts

  • Melvin Roy

    Red this story so many times, countless. Whenever i’m reading again this story and its made my tears roll from my two eyes…

    • pwincess9

      same.. been reading this a lot… make us wonder.. did we really takes thing 4 granted?

    • Anita Yustisia

      How about your third eye?

      • O

        Omg seriously your comment has had me laughing for the entire afternoon. I just can’t get over it

        • Nicole

          I couldn’t stop laughing either….that was my amusement for the day!

          • Kedesha Reid

            I laughed till I cried, this comment was so funny…just 5 words have us dying of laughter

          • Charles

            i laughed so much i started crying ……..”with my two eyes”! haha

          • Mr. Sar Castic

            I laughed for a whole week! I win!

      • Andy Mallory

        Nah. It’s blind.

        • John Doe

          Punny :D

      • ariel sison

        tears starting to roll into my cheeks then suddenly when I read ur comment, my tears freezed and stopped. but instead I started to laugh…… and my third eye opened just because of ur comment.

        • smiley

          Same to me. Hahahaha ;-)

      • Dieguito

        LOL at the third eye comment

      • melwyn

        Good One.

      • Deepika S Prudvi

        haha. 3rd eye. made me laugh too..

      • ccgg

        Wait, I don’t get it. Someone explain, I want to laugh too lol

        • Danny

          the comment before anita says ” Whenever i’m reading again this story and its made my tears roll from my two eyes ” but it’s obvious that tears come out of 2 eyes so there’s no point saying it… hence the joke about the 3rd

        • ?

          You guys are so STUPID!!! very imature Obvious you have never been in love that you make fun or serious comments, when you do find the LOVE of your life you will remember your DUMB ASS comments and you will feel the deep hurt in your HEART and incomplete life when they are gone, then you will be the one with tears rolling down your face, MORONS!!!!!!!!1

          • tomriot

            Because someone found humor in a phrase, they will feel deep pain and sadness when they regret that they’ve neglected their loved one? Can you explain in depth how this happens? I’d like to avoid it if possible, and since you seem to know so much about love, I’d also like your opinion on that, if you have time.

        • John

          The third eye is a reference to an ‘invisible’ eye that perceives more spiritual things. You have two eyes that perceive the physical world as we already know it but when you have gathered enough wisdom in life you ‘third eye’ opens and you are in a state of enlightenment.

      • Kua

        Define third eye? Is that the brown eye…

      • vasp


      • Glecery Molbog Leynes

        i was sooo serious in reading the comments..and this commoent of yours maked my ass laugh out loud… and cant help it ..cant get over on it,,, :D

      • Ani

        “Anita Yustisia

        How about your third eye?”

        Either you’re very special or the most amazing internet troll that ever lived, doesn’t matter I LOVE YOU. Still laughing 30 minutes later. After this emotionally manipulative article darkened my soul your comment cleansed my third eye.

      • MSRAHTID

        LOLOLOL TOO MUCH!!!! @third eye… LOLOLOL

      • Mish~~

        it made me laugh, but I couldn’t stop laughing when I continued reading your replies….sure made my day!! :)

    • http://comcast william everett

      I CAN TELL YOU ,I HAVE NEVER BEEN CLOSE TO THAT ,BUT I LOST THE LOVE OF MY LIFE ON THE 19 OF NOV SHE SUFFERED GREAT PAIN AT THE END.we were to gather for 53 1/2 years raised 6 girls that took great care of her for the last4 mo.she lost her eye sight from tumors on her brain ,we had 2 boys also ,she always thought of me to the end ,i had a bad heart and bad lungs ,i will miss her till we meet again

      • bhabes

        It’s so inspiring william. I remember my mom, she can’t leave us because she loves us so much.

      • Sonia

        I am very sorry for your loss. 53 and a half years…this is beautiful. Cherish the love you had with her. Hang in there.

      • James Graham

        Bill, sit quietly and you will realise she is very much still with you. Maybe in the next room but there never the less. Mine is.

      • rupadhyeRavi

        My heartfelt condolences . I can visualise your predicament and yet those wonderful 53 years with sheer dedication and love will keep you going with her always by your side.

      • Robert

        I lost the love of my life 13 months ago after 61 years It still hurts very much. She was in severe pail for over 20 years , but she is no longer in pain, but I will see her again completely new on the Golden morning.

        • Birkir

          Even so, come LORD JESUS

      • Gigi

        I just wanted to tell you I am sorry for your loss. I will take what you said ahs this story to my grave. For no one knows the day or hour Christ shall return! God bless you Sir

        • Birkir

          1 Thessalonians 4:16

      • Gina33

        I am so sorry for your loss, William. The beautiful part is you had 53.5 years with the love of your life. Some don’t get that long or have that sort of love, so know you were blessed.

    • Shayna

      Read this… I miss my love so much who had left me a month ago without any prior notice. Last we had was dinner together and he kissed me for the last time… He had heart failure in the morning and was admitted for 12 days and I could not a chance to see him at all. I miss him a lot and I always pray that God is taking care of him now. I wish if i got a chance to tell him last word, i would really want him to know that I love him so much… :( It is rather painful to live without him for the last 30 days, but life must go on… It just i do thinking of him in every minutes of my life now…

      • RAJA

        Shayna, i understand how it feels my sister is going through the same thing in her life. All of sudden her husband died she is left with only her kids.. morning she gets up and asking her hubby to get the milk packet and she realize after that started crying.. Last 2 months something or the other thing remembers and cry.. cant see my sis like this my heart is breaking why god is giving everything to the people and suddenly taking away all..I keep thinking instead of brother in law god should have taken me atleast my sister would have support… dont know how to console her its very painful…

        • Helen

          I deeply feel pain for you and your sister. Oh what a period of pain and suffering she must be going through. Having such a close bond with my sister I can understand how it must hurt to see your sister go through this hard time. A lady once said that during the difficult time of loss there is no fixing we can do and the greatest thing one can do is to manifest God’s comfort to our loved ones. To allow God to use us as the comforter your sister needs.
          I know it’s difficult to comprehend what has occured and I have no place to give advice but it also pains God deeply to have lost one of his child, it grieves his heart that his son is gone and there are loved ones left who are hurting. Go to God and express all the burdens that are in your heart and I promise you Christ will comfort your heart and your burdens will be lifted. Christ is your rock in this time and will always be with thee. 1 Peter 5:6-7 says, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” Stay strong and allow Christ to renew your spirit and comfort your heart <3

      • Anthony

        I know how much it hurts. I die more everyday since 09/13/2013

      • Gina33

        Shayna, do the best you can and take it one day at a time. Part of love and having it in your life is the fact that life changes. Sadly, nothing is meant to be forever and we are all on borrowed time. Feel blessed that your time with him was filled with love.

    • Djemonic

      I read it once, it was enough for me to tear gallons.
      wish I had read this couple of years earlier, I fucked up big time

    • fasdfasdf


  • mahhesh

    Was really a good one..touchfull.

    • http://nataliatambunan123 Natalia tambunan

      cerita mengharukan walau sikit2 di mengerti

  • dsaszds

    I bet a woman wrote this

    • Meh

      Some guys are nice, deal with it.

      • http://scascc cacc

        Some guys are nice? This dude cheated on his wife and didn’t pay enough attention to her til the point that she wasn’t even comfortable telling him that she had cancer.

        • matt

          I agree with cacc. This man is pathetic and failing to realize his wife didn’t have cancer is where the shame to the point of pity should be laid.

          • Mike

            yea, the guy is an idiot. He was pretty much divorcing his wife because of her cancer, but of course he wouldn’t mention that in this article the seems primarily about himself and his actions.

          • Dilio

            Why do you say the man is pathetic? The story didn’t tell you the reasons for his infidelities although that is not reason enough to cheat. My point is, do not pass judgement on the man because you don’t know what had led to the breaking down of their marriage. Instead focus only on the positive side of the story that in a relationship nothing should be taken for granted and each party must make the utmost effort resolve any issues there might be. We are quick to point out who is the failure rather than the root of the failure. If we can appreciate this society would be much different and we would appreciate each other more.

          • JC

            cacc and matt, so you both have never done wrong in your lives? never asked for..better yet never received forgiveness.

            Must be nice to be perfect!

          • Dan

            This is a made up story. It is a good story but it is fake.

          • Dan

            Yes and I’m sure you never made mistakes, easy to judge others isn’t it?

          • hailz

            Don’t be an asshole. He made a mistake, but in the end he chose his wife. He realized the mistake he made too late, but at least he realized he still loved his wife. You are not perfect, so get off your high horse and stop judging everyone else around you. Same goes for you, Cacc and Dan

        • Just why.

          You do realize by that “some guys are nice” she was replying to the one who commented “I bet a woman wrote this”
          Meaning that a guy couldve been kindhearted enough to write this. Not at all talking about or pertaining to the main character of this story.

          • James

            I’m glad someone understood that aside from the original poster and myself.

          • Phil Hazen

            Life is not about the mistakes you make. It’s about how you deal with the consequenses!

          • Carol

            Thanks for pointing that out ‘Just why’

        • dylan

          Not because she didnt feel conftable but to spare him the pain! There are nice guys to and this somethimes happen to women too

      • j

        who the fuck doesnt tell their husband, regardless of how far apart theyve grown, that they hav cancer.

        • Beene

          I totally agree

        • SHL


          More poor, transparent and uncontested fiction that theimplanted belief systems within people use as sustenance.

          While the elements may exist individually, mashed together as they are here – is just very poor and lazy literature.

          • albert oneil


          • Lorraine


          • Alok

            Yeah it’s quite a badly written story. I am having a tough time understanding how people seem to think it’s real. The worst part is the first person narration that has absolutely no insight into why a man does what he does. and what a dramatically horrible ending. ‘My wife was dead.’

            This is an urban fable and the masses seem to like it. .


            For J or Beene of SHL, Try and get something positive out of the story

        • Cherie

          Probably someone who was afraid to admit they were dying… Someone who felt that they had lost something so important that they were numb to the fear of the cancer…. Or someone who didn’t want their son to worry… Or for the fear and pain to show on their spouse’s face… People have their own reasons it doesn’t have to make sense to you but they all do. My grandmother had cancer she didn’t want to go through the pain of chemo but did it for her children and grandchildren…. She was ready to die, she didn’t want to suffer through all that but did it so we all (her children mostly) had a chance to accept it and move on…. Everyone has their reasons… its best not to judge.

        • “DTM” – Dantheman Johnson

          Id have to agree with this… regardless of how far apart you grow, you should still slap your spouse in the face with, “I have cancer!” at some point. This story does NOT do that to me, its just a story. thats all. However tear-jerking it is to some, Ive NOT been close to BEING a spouse AGAIN since my betrayal infidelic divorce 20 years ago… TRUE love in todays world IS NON-exisitent. Look at the divorce stats… ALL-TIME HIGH. period… and its always about the monetary gains either way and usually the “HoBag” WOMEN get EVERYTHING. I do NOT believe in TRUE love such as this “story”. thanks for sharing, but fat chance for me again.

          • Aspen

            I don’t mean this in a rude way but have you considered counseling? You obviously were very hurt and because of it you’ve deprived yourself of living without the pain. Your spouse made the mistake, not you, but the way your living and the anger you expressed tells me that it still haunts you. This is not only unhealthy but you’re still living with your ex-spouse whether you realize it or not as they’re still controlling your actions. Consider getting some help in dealing with your emotions about it as soon as you can. After all, you’ve made the spouse of your dreams wait now for 20 years.

        • Raisa Lefe’ (@raisalefe)

          Its hard to believe that a person wouldn’t share this with their spouse, but my neighbor’s husband didn’t tell her until the very end, and he only did because he was on his death bed. She is still having a hard time with closure (a year later) because she is trying to figure out what kind of marriage/relationship did they have if he didn’t even feel the need to tell her he had cancer. Its such a sad situation.

          • Gina33

            Having had cancer two times myself, I can perfectly understand why he would not have told his spouse that he had cancer until on his death bed. It could be a host full of reasons and selfless on his part. Maybe he didn’t want their time wasted on being preoccupied with his death. Or, perhaps he didn’t want to cause her more pain than she would face loosing him. If it is her reaction to see this as a negative about her relationship, than perhaps she is facing her own truth. I would imagine his reasons could be made very clear if she just considers how he acted before his death. If he was focused on spending time with her and those he loved, than it might have very well been about enjoying the time he had left and appreciating these moments. Maybe he just wanted normalcy or maybe he didn’t want to face it himself and telling her would have made him have to face the reality. There can be a whole host of reasons, no one knows how they handle their own mortality until they are face with it themselves. No matter what his reasons, by virtue of the fact that his wife had no clue as to what his reasons were is a testament to perhaps how little understanding for him. It certainly seems like she has used this to question their relationship and, thereby, makes his death about her rather than respect the fact that this is just how he chose to handle his last days on earth. I get it and maybe she will someday too.

        • faith

          It makes sense to me that she didn’t tell him that she had cancer because their marriage was already in shambles, they both knew it, and she probably did not want him to stay with her out of pity because of the cancer she had, but rather because he wanted to stay with her because he loved her.

        • Faith

          It makes sense to me that she wouldn’t tell her husband that she had cancer and was dying because their marriage was in shambles and she didn’t want him to stay with her out of pity knowing that she would die soon anyway but rather that she wanted him to stay because he loved her and wanted to be with her.

        • kevin nickmeyer

          Bartholew, great story but what a bunch of cosmopolitan chick crap!I’m in a marriage with a woman who I love very much. She is an only child,spoiled rotten and has the worst self esteem I have ever seen in a human being. It doesn’t matter how sycophantic I’ve been with her past present or future she is always going to be that way.this is her first marriage and this is my 6th. The problem with her and I is she thinks that she does no wrong and I’m the ass.she thinks she should fix me and not fix herself. I can fix me all by myself I don’t need her help or anybody else’s help fixing me. FIX YOURSELF!!!!!!

          • Steve

            I know you put this up just to solicit odd and varied responses. Here it is anyway. You didn’t learn how to choose a well adjusted woman even after 5 previous marriages.

        • L D-S

          She very well could have kept it to herself because she was afraid he would leave her when she truly needed him. Maybe she didn’t tell him because she didn’t want him to stay out of pity for her. Who knows why she didn’t say anything. But the moral of the story is be kind to your loved ones, value and respect them, so not take them for granted just becuae you are married, for one day you will lose your spouse and you cannot go back and change the things in your past. make sure you tell your significant other every day that you love them, and mean it. Tell them why you love them, what makes them beautiful, why you’re attracted to them, why they make you want to be a better person.

      • Strikes

        I agree with Cacc too, he is an absolute asshole.

      • Nice Guy

        Lesson to be learned from this fictitious story: Don’t marry an asshole.

        • “DTM” – Dantheman Johnson


    • jim

      danm, i bet he feels like a retard for dumping that jane girl one day too soon!

      • Brian


        You are a pig. You are the reason that men are called pigs. Not all men are pigs like you. Get a life loser. You will spend your life moving from one girl to the next…never able to accomplish anything difficult in life because you are a loser. When you can be a true man, learn grow up and make a commitment to a woman. Until then, you will just be a boy.

        • Nates

          I like this comment

        • Mingtian

          Funny how the only way to be a “man” is to commit to a woman.

          Brian, how about you stop telling people how to be men and stick with what you know (which is likely very little).

          Also, he may be a ‘pig’ but you’re a faggot.

          • Ashley

            Committing to a woman makes you a “faggot”? Here I thought that was a homophobic slur directed towards men who are attracted to other men. Interesting.

          • Stating a Fact

            You seem offended that he’s saying you have to be committed to a woman instead of another man to BE a man… wouldn’t that make YOU the gay man? Not him?

        • Adam DeSaint


          Why do you get to be the one to define “man?” And what gives you the authority to call another man a “pig” or “loser” simply because he does not share your patriarchal values and viewpoints? There’s a million ways to view this story, not just one. For instance, If the main character were a stronger and more courageous person, perhaps he could have found a way to love affectionately BOTH of the women who he’d come to care about, instead, he failed both of them because he was too busy trying to choose between the two.

          Love is a beautiful thing, but it is not, nor ever has it been an element of exclusivity. We love our family, our friends, and many others throughout our lives, we’re meant, empathically, to love many. It was no more right for him to break his lovers heart than it was to break his wife’s. In the end, he lost both because he was too cowardice to allow his love for both his wife, and this woman to grow, and to allow them to perhaps love and appreciate each other and form a lasting and loving friendship themselves.

          Regardless, he’s no less of a “man” for what he did or didn’t do. He’s still a man, so is Jim, So am I, and so are you. I wouldn’t call you a loser or tell you to grow up, but I would encourage you to reexamine yourself and the way you speak to others. I wish you the best Brian.

      • g

        ^ LOL

      • JustMadetHISaccount

        HAHA! well played sir. Pig or not, you are hilarious. BTW, I’m “:successful” (By some measure) and devoted, still find it funny. Take a joke people.

      • “DTM” – Dantheman Johnson

        LOL… right!?…

    • lalo


    • Paola

      I agree

    • Jackson

      Or a real man who isn’t too much of a coward to share his emotions like the rest of society.

    • Grace

      The only intelligent comment on this entire page.

  • Mohamed Khaja

    OMG.. So amazing.. This message educate the values of relationship. Hats off to the writer.

  • dushyant

    couldn’t stop my rears by falling down

    • dushyant

      sorry it was tears

  • Papiya

    I read it for 1st time and it make me cry. heart touching. and its really true. now a days both of the couple become very busy and they dont hv tym fr each other. it really decreasing the intimacy and love

  • Anne

    Very sad and touching.

  • Han

    marriage is important but, money in the bank enough to travel around every now and then is important too…traveling let you get out of boredom

  • ketan Shet

    Its very nice story…….

  • nidhi

    touched deep inside…

  • Debdyuti Mukherjee

    It’s really heart touching………………………………….

  • Andy

    Just wandering what a man should do, if you are willing to do that to the women you love the most but she refused to accept it. Eventhough the man did not hurt the women feeling at all.

    • Cici

      Dont give up. Do your best and things will work out. Persistence is key.

  • KeoL

    Great story, tragic end but valuable content.

  • Raj

    No one can ever understand someones lain,.,,

  • Joe

    Any guy could have told you the ending after reading the first paragraph

    • Jeff

      Yep. This is the type of cliché “Guys, love us, or we’ll die. THEN YOU’LL BE SORRY!!” stuff that 16 year old girls used to pass around MySpace.

      • stevie

        Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon…

        • bob


        • hermione

          I love you

  • udaibhanu yen

    The narration with a husband and a wife, dull life, a child and woh was on expected lines. For that matter every relationship unless nurtured remains dull and meaningless.

  • http://facebook bonnie

    i was very touched by this. it also makes me think that men sometimes get to wrapped up in there own lives to pay attention to what is right in front of them. this is perfect example of life being to short to not work together as a couple and remember why you fell in love to begin with. it’s the little things in life that really matter please take time to stop and smell the roses and make sure you show your mate how much you care

    • http://scascc cacc

      Him being wrapped up in his own life didn’t mean he had to cheat. All he had to do was do the things that he was doing with his mistress….with his wife. Guy has no sympathy from me.

      • JC

        Again you must be perfect…

        • Frank

          You’re an idiot and probably a cheater too.

    • Nuke


    • Dwayne

      It’s not just “men” who get too wrapped up. It’s people in general.

      • “DTM” – Dantheman Johnson

        women are just as betraying cheats as well if NOT conivingly worse. period.

    • bonga

      It would be a great error in judgement if you thought this was meant for men to realise what they have.
      Women do the same. Let’s all take the lesson and apply it in our relationships.
      Also said that she hid so much info from him. Wonder what else was hidden during the 10+ years.

      • “DTM” – Dantheman Johnson


  • blarhs

    This is definitely fake… and NOT inspiring… he slept in the same bed as this woman every night and DIDN’T realize she was DYING?? and he was cheating on her… what an asshole

    • kay

      Couldn’t agree more. I feel as if my intelligence has been insulted. How careless of a story.

    • AnniYang

      I agree, how can u NOT know ur spouse is dying if u’r sleeping next to them?!

    • Adam DeSaint

      Agreed about it being fake and uninspiring. Terribly written as well. But I don’t believe him to be an asshole. Here is a man married to a woman who fails to communicate to her husband that she has cancer and is dying? If she didn’t tell him that, there was probably a lot of other cold and disconnected emotions from her as well. It was probably what drove him away in the first place. I’m not defending his infidelity, but the story completely neglects her own failures as a partner and their failures as a couple.

      Overall, I think the fault lies not in any of the characters but in the terrible storytelling submitted here. What a waste of a read.

  • Bee

    what nonsense!! lots of woman married out of convinient n couldnt get a divorce becoz they dun even hv a job to support themselves!!

    • Alexis

      I don’t think that’s the moral of this story at all…and that spelling…

  • adam

    beautiful, touching, and inspiring.

  • Nick T

    This story is too relatable, the only thing that is different is that I still have my girlfriend. I guess I should take this opportunity to be thankful I still have her.

    Last month I struggled to find a reason to love her and it didn’t help that there was another girl that seemed more perfect for me than my current girlfriend, Cassandra. Cassie and I are two very different people; she likes to get out and dance while I like to stay in and watch a movie; she goes to church and religion depresses me; but all in all we find ways to make it work. Now because her and I are good children (well I’m a badboy to a point where I can be accepted by her parents) her parents never let her out much and we obey their wishes. I figured I’d never get to see her due to that and her busy schedule, but as we worked around these obstacles instead of running out on her I found the love again. The more we hung out and spent time together, no matter how it was spent just as long as we were together, the more I noticed how my flaws were fixed by her strengths and her flaws were fixed by my strengths.

    This is going to sound cliche but she completed me I guess heh…

    I don’t care who this story was written by or how true it actually was, but what I do know is I love my girlfriend and I will be there for her until the earth stops rotating

  • Nuke

    Omg my teras fell down :(:(:(:(

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a Nicholas Sparks movie

  • Nathan

    Very poignant–can change the entire way a person thinks. Dedication, honesty, compromise, and love–prime ingredients for a relationship

  • doubtingit

    So his wife said that he wasn’t a man, used emotional games in an attempt to sway him, and neglected to mention that she had been battling cancer for months before this incident took place?

    It appears to me that this guy had good reason to seek divorce, and I can’t blame him for falling in love with another woman, although the slap she gave him is an indication that he has a bad habit of choosing women who are abusive.

    I can’t feel sorry for any of the characters in this story. One emotionally abusive woman, one physically abusive woman, and a man who is a habitual victim of abuse.

    • Stretch

      If you had a life-threatening disease, and knew your mate didn’t want to be there for you, would you tell that to them, whenever their reaction wouldn’t be anything but maybe guilt?

      It sounds more like he was making the physical aspects of their relationship more important than anything else. This coming from a guy, it’s people like you that only see what the women were doing wrong that get on my nerves. No matter the struggles, no man or woman deserve to be cheated on.

      And “emotional games”? Are you serious? Shoot, I’d want to be carried out the door like the old times too if I knew I wasn’t going to be on this earth much longer!

      P.S. She didn’t do it all for herself by the way, don’t forget that she made the conditions so that he would look better in his son’s eyes as well.

    • tracy

      You must not know what falling in love and getting married entails

    • risen_angel

      I couldn’t agree more with you.

  • Will

    It was touching and beautiful at the end, simply because the husband was being so selfish and immature at the beginning. I’m glad that he eventually came to his senses, but to court a mistress while married is not only unforgivable but also childish. People need to understand the meaning of marriage before they agree to enter into one! You are literally agreeing to give up your individual lives and be reborn to share the rest of your time together as one joint life. It’s not the end of the world if someone never gets married and it’s not the end of the world if you’re an unmarried parent. There’s no one right way to make a family and between adoption and artificial insemination society can accommodate however you choose to build said family. But if you do agree to take those vows with someone then you NEED to understand that it is a lifelong commitment that cannot be undone unless something catastrophic happens. And being too lazy to pay attention to your aging wife does not count as catastrophic…

    • reply

      Excellent and rational comment. There is caveat however. Even though you make such really life long commitments but people change. One can always fall out of love. Considering number of people marrying at a young age (early 20’s) without knowing themselves really well this is always a real possibility.

      In such cases trying to mend the relationship, is and should be the first reaction. But when nothing works divorce is a better option than a life long dysfunctional relationship.

      Having said that however, cheating and having a mistress is unforgivable in a relationship. This cannot be mended even if you have kids. The trust in my opinion has been severed forever.

      • http://None Penney

        Sorry, but cheating is not unforgivenable and marriage can still work, with kids, with trust restored. It happens when you both commit your marriage to the Lord. I know, because i have been there, done that, and praising God for a renewed better marriage. /

        • Kori

          You cheated then praised god? So, in other words you are an adulterer? Yes, PRAISE THE LORD!

  • eaooo

    poor Jane

    • Bee

      Agreed! There r too many articles on d internet that stressed bout d sacrifice of d wifey but nvr consider d feeling of d third party. But if d marrige is wonderful without any problem at d first place, d third party would not even hv d slimmest chance to come closed. However d blame is always on d poor Jane. Most men r fooling under ur nose, pls wake up all u proud wifey! And in dis case d wife fails to tell d hubby dat she has a fatal disease n d hubby didnt even notice? I call it ‘total communication breakdown’!

  • Poonhound

    This is a load of crap written by some bitter old hag who got supplanted by some younger & hotter chick.
    Either way he ends up winning. He doesn’t have to fork over half of everything he owns for renting her “magic” vagina for 10 years and can hunt for more attractive tail now.
    Marriage is an institution that serves the needs of women and has no benefits for a man.

    • Paola

      funny, I thought the opposite was true. but I agree with your first sentence – not sure about the bitter old hag part, but the author is most likely a woman

      • camila

        I don’t understand how people could think this is real.

    • Nates

      Person like you, will never understand the value of marriage. You will driven by lust and die rotting in despair

  • yazulla

    Liked that story, so touching. For info, we have been coloring our marriage for the past 26 years with what we can call a love potion. Our relations not just a married couple but like buddies, one best friend. We treat each other beside as a lovers, as friends to whom we can mingle, talk & laugh together. We feel love is around us everyday like our first day in marriage. Infact it goes stronger & stronger everyday. I guest that what makes our relations remain all this while & hope it will last forever. Pray for us & thanks for your time…

  • Random

    Good story, but that ending was not well done. She just ended up dead? No real signs to dying, just that she was dead the day he got home? Love or not, she would have mentioned something about the cancer I feel.

    Idk maybe I’m looking to closely at it, but that ending ruined it for me

    • Grace

      I feel like the purpose to not saying anything was so that the man wouldn’t keep the marriage until she died for the sake of guilt. When it comes to a situation like that, the tension between them would probably be obvious long before he admitted he wanted a divorce. Of course, it’s still brutally painful when someone admits to it.

      Second, it doesn’t really say when she found out about the cancer, or what type of cancer it was. Certain types of cancer are particularly rigorous, and others can easily go undetected until it spreads or becomes lethal. Patients like that are lucky to survive at least a month beyond the point of detection, even with treatment. This is supported by the sudden decline of health that he noticed. It’s possible that she found out shortly before the man announced the divorce, and either was still in the process of deciding how to tell him or, as said above, sensed it coming and didn’t want to make either of them unhappy until she died because of guilt.

      Of course, I find it a bit redundant that she died the day after this ended–but then again, I’ve seen many ends like that in real life. The sense that, knowing that their role is complete, it would be perfectly fine to meet the inevitable right then and there. Certainly, her role as a whole would have been far from over–in an absolutely perfect world, she would have probably wanted to see her child grow up, and do more with her life overall. When you know that you simply don’t have that kind of time, however, a sense of completion can come from other means. She was content in having completed the thirty days, and making sure that her child didn’t have any resentment towards his father and possibly even from feeling the love between her and her husband rekindle and become like when they first met. In a situation like hers, that can be enough to initiate such a sense of completion that she was okay with death.

      This is just my two-cents, however.

      • Grace

        …I apologize for how long this is ><" It looked a lot smaller on the reply block.

        I also apologize for the very long, run-on sentence near the end there. Kind of got caught up in writing and didn't notice there wasn't much separation there.

  • xyzabc

    So…………this wife did not even bother to tell her husband nor son that she had cancer? Classy.

  • Jaf

    Not universally applicable for all married women.
    It is just that this guy got a good women and failed to realize it. It is only 10% of men get good women as wife

  • Anon

    Pretty neat that you let a fourth grader write for your site!

  • wesley

    very sad and touching, will recommend it to everyone to read it..
    So treasure your love ones haha

  • John

    Wow this story is soooo fakeeeee.

  • SLiM


  • http://yahoo sylvia

    Allways remember why you fell in love and a few kind words a kiss before you leave and when you return is always enough to stay together life is too short

  • chris

    your wife is stronger than you you married her for that ,her mind your kids are very much worth the fight to ignite what ever feelings there was before , your wifes mind was on the children , your mind was on your dick

  • Brianna

    Okay, this was a touching story and all, but something just didn’t feel quite right about it– especially the part with his wife dying of cancer at the end of the month, “coincidentally” right on the day that he decided he no longer wanted a divorce and went out to buy her flowers.

    So, I did a little research. It turns out that this story is at least nine years old, having first been reported making its way around the internet in 2004. Remember the part where the wife threw down her chopsticks? That’s because the story was first reported in Asia, and it made its way around that region of the world via chain emails. It spread to the West, but it wasn’t until around 2007 that the ending with the wife dying was added in. The original versions of the story (and who knows whether it is true or not since the author has always been anonymous) actually ended on a happy note with the couple saving their marriage. Even so, it wasn’t until 2009 that the first versions with a cause of the wife’s death (in this case, cancer) was added. So, regardless of whether or not there is some truth to the main story, the ending with his wife dying is most certainly false.

    I debated whether or not to even share my findings with everyone on here, because I do think that there is a good message in this story. While I do think that divorce exists for good reason, too many people these days jump to use it as a solution to their marital problems. Furthermore, seeking a relationship with another person rather than trying to fix the one you already have is not only cowardly, but it also causes a lot more pain than it remedies.

    Instead, the reason I am sharing the reality of this story is because I don’t think it is right for people’s emotions to be manipulated, and that is exactly what stories like this do. Unlike a movie or a book, these tales are not presented as works of fiction designed to entertain. They are designed to make you feel a certain way, to make you fall for a hoax as being authentic, to make you believe in a lie. That is not right. For honest emotions, don’t look online. Look to those around you in real life, sharing real experiences with you every day. There’s nothing more authentic than that.


    • Thank you for your comment

      this comment is very true

    • So True

      I remember the version wherein the wife committed suicide…

    • Buffy

      Thank you. Guilt stories infuriate me

  • Logan glosser

    My buddy Fat Freddy had the same kinda thing happen to his wife Big Bonnie but it wasn’t cancer it was diabetes. But same story and no the names are what they liked to be called

  • Logan g

    Same kinda thing happen to my buddy fat Freddy and his diabetic wife heavy heather no joke real nicknames so sad ;(

  • Maddy

    DEJA VU !!!

    I have seen this thing in some movie, cant recall which but i have seen this story of carrying to the doorstep for one month and then changing the mind, etc etc:)

    • Les

      Fireproof : woman wants a divorce. Man’s dad tells him about the “Love Dare”

  • melissa

    Very sweet, this is something I will always stand by. Women also need to do the small things for men too. I wish more of the world understood that love keeps it going not a big house, nice car, expensive schools, I mean dont get me wrong they r nice, but people get so lost in themselves everyone around you is hurting and you’re just too blind to see. Tell someone you love them today.

  • Sounds Contrived

    This story is complete and utter bs. While it is sweet in nature and somewhat well written it really is a fabricated piece of work designed to tug on your heartstrings. The fact that people are even sharing this nonsense and claiming its authentic is sickening.

    Should you love your spouse? absolutely. should you honor them? 100%. But pulling the cancer card to evoke some emotion is disgusting. Shame on the POS who wrote this

  • S

    if this is a true story, than you are one worst husband.

  • CJ

    Propaganda. It’s not a true story.

  • Albert

    That little boys name? Albert Einstein.

    • amber girl

      I caught that too. He has exams coming up. You think college or highschool right? Then he talks about daddy caring mommy like a toddler or young child. I have read the story many times and that always trips me up.

  • Linda


  • Rob

    This story has been around for at least a decade and the details change every time I read it. It’s a nice anecdote, but likely never actually happened.

  • Sweetheart

    The moral of the story is to appreciate what you have and who you made a promise to! Anyone writing ignorant comments about how the wife was emotionally abusive is an idiot whos never loved or been loved. The husband gave his word to her when they married, as did the wife. She didnt want the divorce, she wanted to rekindle and he didnt realize yet that but he wanted the same! Obviously, cheating is wrong, as is hiding things from eachother. Unless youre married or ever had true feelings for someone, all youre going to do is criticize without understanding. Especially if your married, you know that sometimes you distance apart and all you need is a little reminder such as this one to remind you to be thankful for whats at home waiting for you.

  • lindy

    This kind of crap goes on to often, maybe they find out after they run off with their (jane). But in reality his wife deserved a better life the last few months than what he gave her. What, carrying her a few lousy steps to make him feel guilty. She got her revenge but didn’t realize it. She got him back, but to late. Where is that sad or beautiful. Its a crappy ending to a real love that once flourished. It is sometimes best to let the love die and the people live. She hadn’t been happy for a long time. What kind of life did he give her but a short time of love and then pain and heartache the rest. It sucked to be her. She deserved someone better than him, especially at the last. A fat old nurse in a hospital could have given her more love in her last moments.

  • lindy

    I left my husband when I had cancer. I wasn’t sure I had it but I did. He came back cried and did the self pity crap, then left to soak up all the sympathy he could get from his sweetie. The got together. I got well, and he died 6 years later. So letting go of someone like that is the best thing to do. They will always drag people down around them and make them miserable enough to die…. end of story.

    • lee

      I like reading this I have cancer too and am leaving my husband this week its SO hard

  • donthaveone

    This is retarded, stupid, & poorly written. It is sad when men make themselves looks so bad.

    • Daniela

      Anyone who uses the “r” word in an inappropriate fashion is a complete loser…

  • J Graber

    The story is touching and is even something we can learn from……….but I don’t buy this story wholesale as truth. It doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything from it but I just find this story hard to believe. Who knows – stranger things have happened.

  • aish

    Maybe she didn’t tell him that she had cancer because she didn’t want him to feel sorry for her, or think that she was telling him tang to get him to not date Jane,

  • Jessica

    Are you all kidding me? This is a horribly written story–both content wise and technically. She just happened to die the day he broke up with jane? Really? C’mon people you’re smarter than this crap.

  • brandon

    I’m 90 percent sure this story is complete bullshit.

  • josh

    What a douche. “I didn’t know my wife had cancer and was dying” ohhh it’s such a heartwarming article? This guy sucks

  • http://Wolfess8403 TW

    And the woman dies thinking she’s been rejected by the man she loved for so many years.

  • amy

    wow. haha. FAKE!

  • http://facebook lynn mclain

    I have had this happen to thank god I dont have cancer.My heart was so heavy and I felt her pain .She was so giving and she kelp her pain to her self.I feel sorry for himbecause he will live with this to yhe day he dies.He had everything and then some with this beautiful lady.why do peole do that to the ones they love? i DID EVERYTHING TO GET MY HUSBAND TO LOVE ME AND STAY WITH ME AND OUR 3 BOYS.i WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIM SO HE HAS HIS FREEDOM AND I HAVE MY BOYS.TO THIS DAY I KNOW HE LOVES ME BUT HE IS NOT IN LOVE WITH ME.IM SORRY FOR GOING ON AND ON.MY LIFE IS GOOD BUT AT 58 I THOUGH IT WAS TIME FOR US TO GROW OLD AND HAVE A HOME FOR OUR GRAND CHILDREN TO FEEL OUR HEARTS WITH THE JOY OF LOVING THEM.OH WQELL ILL DO IT I HAVE ENOUGH LOVE TO SHARE WITH EVERYONE.HE IS THE ONE THAT LEFT BUT WE HAVNT DIVORCED……….LOVE TO YALL….LYNN

  • Mike

    This is obviously not true, but very meaningful.

  • Joe

    How hard-hearted we can become when we are not intimate with those we love. Only by God’s grace can we change our selfish ways.

  • Johnson

    real or not, this story touched me.

  • Kiki Cuisine

    :O oh my goodness! I was so happy for him realizing that their love did not die, but now my heart is so sad! :(

  • Captain Hindsight

    I think cancer is a pretty big detail to overlook. Also, you should have taken her to a doctor!

  • Joe

    You all realize this has to be bullshit right? This reads like a 17 year old girl wrote it.

  • Fratstar

    totally made up

  • Eames

    This was stupid. Wasted my time reading fake ridiculous stories.

  • Jack R

    Man, this is supposed to be inspirational, but the only thing going through my head the whole time was how much of an asshole that guy is.

  • Giddy290

    The story ain’t meant for you to pick out what the wife or husband did wrong. It’s about what love really is, and what it has to bring us.

  • Ush

    My wife threatened me with a divorce for many years. By doing that, she caused me countless nights without sleep and a lot of overdoses of pills that helped me sleep. That was pure torture for years. I was sleeping when driving for a living. It was dangerous and pure pain. Now I am afraid of damages that the pills have caused. She changed for much better some time ago but I just cannot want her anymore. I do not want to make love to her or spend days off with her. Whatever else is more interesting. What else could be expected from me after all? Now I am tempted to file for a divorce but we have a small child and divorcing is a sin according to the Bible. I cannot help regretting the day when we got married.

    • a realist

      Sin is a made up thing. Get out of that marriage.

  • Paris

    In the divorce conditions, the wife explained how their son had exams and didn’t want to stress him out. But clearly as the story went on, the son becomes this child who refers to his parents as mommy and daddy. Could it be that they had children but do not say so or is there child has some sort of disorder?

  • Johnny

    Holy crap spelling errors! “until death do us apart” are you kidding me??? “…how I had carried her into out bridal room…” seriously? If something is going to be presented to a public audience I strongly suggest proofreading it.

  • JW

    So…you’re saying that Jane is single now?

  • James

    well he lucked out… :'( why couldn’t it be that easy for me….

  • Krackgoat

    Dear agony aunt
    So if my wife is 240 lbs do i still carry her or she can carry me? hehehe

  • Krackgoat

    what if my wife is 240lbs? do i need to carry her or she needs to carry me? pls advice urgent case

  • CommonSense

    Right. He agreed to not divorce his wife because of some exams for a child presumably around preschool-ing age. Also he never saw his insurance bill, his wife never threw up from the chemotherapy, and she in no way wanted to prepare him to be a single parent/widower.
    This story is barely touching because of how little sense it makes.

  • Cynthia

    Who wrote the story “Married or not… you should read this.”
    Would really really like to know the name of the original writer :)
    Could you please let me know
    Thank you in advance

    • An awakened one

      Don’t bother Cynthia, it’s not real. I’m doing you a favor by telling you that you need to read more real literature so you don’t get taken in by this fake garbage. This is not literature….it’s tripe.

  • diamond wedding bands


  • JPH

    Who is the author? I wanted to quote a section of it and give proper credit, but I don’t see the writer’s name listed anywhere.

  • mort

    whoever wrote this fiction has obviously never been around anyone dying of cancer. what tripe

  • Matt

    This Really touched me!!!!!

  • drschitt

    No intimacy; no sex in marriage. #1 reason men stray. They need both. Not getting them at home; men will find them elsewhere. Same story over and over.

  • ollie

    This is clearly a fake story… Why wouldn’t he ask her why she got so damn thin in less than a months time? How did she know she’d die in EXACTLY one month from the time she wrote the letter? Why would she not discuss chemotherapy with her husband? Especially if she has an inclination that he won’t divorce her? This also means that she didn’t tell family members from her bloodline, so that’s kind of shady. Cancer is a terrible disease thatinhibits the proper functioning of vital areas of the body, so it would be very obvious that something was terribly wrong with her. Just my observations.

  • Sydney

    This story it obviously made up. The child, who has exams, is young enough to be clapping like a 6 year old. Inconsistent.

    • AJ

      Urm.. In the UK every 10 year old child sits SAT’s. They are major exams determining what secondary school they go to our what groups they are put into when at school.

  • Jordan

    Some people I know have started to circulate this. WOW! This is one of the WORST stories I’ve ever read. First of all, it’s completely fiction, which wouldn’t be a bad thing except that they want you to believe that it actually happened. Second, how does two people being incredibly deceitful to each other present a good message? The guy cheated on his wife and treated her like shit because he forgot how much he “loved” her, and she doesn’t tell him that she has cancer and (spoiler – who cares?) is dying (she also didn’t tell her son – how fucking awful). Third, is their son a teenager, college student, or a toddler? I seriously have no clue since the writer starts by talking about the kid taking his final exams, then says that he’s walking and clapping behind his parents and acting like he’s three years-old. That’s just poor writing.

    This story presents an incredibly childish view of love and romance. This reads like it was written by a teenager who’s watched The Notebook a few too many times.

    • Angry

      EXACTLY. Ugh. Terribly written tripe does NOTHING to elevate the human condition.

      • val

        I agree. Effing drivel

  • kowyn

    swear love is shown/saying in so many but this is the simplest way

  • lee

    well this was amazing to read, I wish REAL life worked that way, I DO have cancer, and at this moment am trying to find a rental home for me and my 8 month old SOME men don’t care no matter HOW HARD you try!

    • buona7fortuna

      Best of luck to you and your baby. I hope you get a wonderful home and recover soon. x

  • Zenio

    Seriously.. You have been cheating on your wife.. Act like she’s insane for being hurt, and you’re the “reasonable” one because it’s not your fault your wife “lost your heart” to Jane is it?? Sigh.. Now you got what you bargained for, you didn’t want het anymore, her annoying crying made it clearer to you, now you lost her.

    Don’t act like you’re some saint because you’re actually a freaking asshole.

    • Brad

      you know this is a fake story right?

      • val

        Im Serious brad, this is getting rkdiculous. We are at the most stupid level in human history when face book fiction is deemed noteworthy. I need to take a nap now and wake up from the nightmare of this reality.

  • Rich

    Well we all can tell this wasn’t written by Newt.

  • Jared Beutler

    Great read, but is it a true story or something made up to pull at our heartstrings? How come no author is associated with it?

  • A Guy

    So, what this story fails to shine light upon is WHY he decided to step out on his wife. Am I supposed to believe that this man cheated on his wife for no reason? It says nothing about what lead up to his being more and more distant. Be it an issue with him or one with her, these things don’t happen without CAUSE.
    Maybe, she was a raging bitch before cancer and drove him to wanting to be around her less and less. Either way, there is a lot missing from this story.

    Not all men are cruel and not all women are saints.

  • Random

    Wife had cancer for months and he did not notice? hmmm. right.

  • Jules

    Enough with these god damned fake stories. So fucking annoying, blah blah some tool took his wife for granted and before he realizes he still loves her it’s too late. aw WAH.

  • Annita

    What touched me most about this story is what the mother did not only to preserve her marriage but whet she did for her son. Her son now does not have to live with the scars of parental divorce that are so detrimental to children’s lives/future.

    • jhune

      ma’am need an advice for what happen to me…..


    soo, they were rich and the wife still took the bus to work? Uhm

  • Laura

    Very Powerful and very true. We are all human beings on the same level. Being married is hard work, no one said it was easy, it’s life. Some of you sound very bitter and mad. You have to have faith.

  • calvin

    This is the lamest story ever. Why does the kid sound as if hes like 8 years old. What 8 year old has a hardcore exam that is so important? Second she should have been going to chemo and her hair gone so how the fuck didn’t he notice his wife is bald as shit.

  • Lazzie

    So every day he carried her to the door for what? Was she crawling back to bed and he didn’t wonder why? And coincidentally on the day he decided not to leave, returns home and she was dead in bed? What, didn’t he carry her to the door that day? This fabricated story is full of holes and written by an idiot.
    Did he not notice she was now bald? Losing a bit of weight is far from the gaunt state of a cancer sufferer and he didn’t notice? If she wasn’t writhing in pain she would have been on self administered pain killers with a bag of it on a waistbelt, and he didn’t notice?
    You people are idiots for believing this rubbish.

  • Chris

    The moral of the story is great, but i have absolutely no sympathy for this man. How could the husband be so cold to not even notice her dying wife while he was out with another woman? Seriously? It’s disgusting.

    • Taha

      Could not Agree with you more my friend. What he did was criminal . If the intimacy was dying he could have found a way to restore it. There is so much help available. The End made me sad though :(

      • John Smith

        Are you fucking serious? who wouldn’t tell their husband that they had cancer? maybe that’s why he wanted to leave her. maybe she never told him anything and he wanted to talk? yes, good moral to the story, but the story itself is crap.

        • A chick who can’t take it anymore

          Sounds like most of the women in my Narcotics Anonymous meetings, complaining about men not fulfilling thier “Emotional Needs” (said in a whiny, plaintive voice.) Where is Andrew Dice Clay when you need him? I am so hating my gender right now. gag.

  • Mr.HindSight

    How the FUCK do you not realize your wife is dying of cancer? Why didn’t the dumb bitch tell her husband she had a terminal illness and could drop dead at any waking moment!?! Stupid Story is stupid.

  • Danielle

    This story is inspiring..but doesn’t sound true. How can she die in the bed, did she not call for help? And she just happened to die on the very last day of the month?

  • bullhisht

    Such a load of bullshit. Obviously written by a woman..

  • Ashley

    Jane sounded like a bitch. I don’t see why he ended up falling for her when he had a great woman in front of him.

  • ciarella

    Yes, of course this story is fake, most of them are…
    still, if theres any truth here, lets face it no wife would really want him anyway, if the man wanted a divorce after he’d been doing some one else, why the hell would you want him to carry your ass down the stairs? do me a favor

  • Rafal


    “My wife had been fighting CANCER for months and I was so busy with Jane to even notice.” He also claims the process from when he announced the divorce to the end took about a month. So we are supposed to believe that his wife had been DYING of cancer for months and she never told him? People dying of cancer usually tell their spouses; they make preparations; they go through tests after tests, and through hard core medical treatment like chemo and radiation therapy; they lose hair; they get violently sick; they get depressed…and he never noticed? His wife never told him? Not during the “carrying her out the door” part or especially BEFORE when she was still under the impression that the marriage was fine?

    And that’s some ending right there, what perfect, cinematic timing that she dies just when he brings home the flowers.

  • Yo…

    On the list of things that never happened, this one never happened the most…

  • Laura

    I don’t know if I’m just hormonal but this totally has me balling. Not ashamed.

  • anon

    With all due respect I just lost it at the capitalized cancer part. The author could do better next time and substitute cancer with the Spanish Inquisition and how they convinced the two to stay together.

  • J.

    What is this the plot to a Matthew Mcconnaughey movie? this is too story book to be true. The moral of the story is just great, but come on.

  • MJF

    The wife wanted me to read this. I am up at 3 am commenting because of how stupid it is… This does not support your tagline of “A TRENDING BLOG WITH INTERESTING FACTS AROUND THE GLOBE”. This is a made up story designed to get women mad at their men because they aren’t sensitive enough to every detail. This is just a story to get views on this blog; who even cares about a blog in Moldova??? It maybe started to appeal to the emotional side with the divorce issue, but then lets throw in CANCER with all CAPS. Never cared so much about degrading an internet post before in my entire life…. good grief

  • Bernard Gaines


  • TLP

    Sorry, between the bad writing style, and grammar, I couldn’t figure out how many sons they have. First, he has exams, and then he’s clapping his hands and speaking like a small child. Two sons maybe? And this is the least of all of the discrepancies in this ridiculous storyline. I agree with MJF, and everyone else who called BS.

  • CJD

    I’m sorry, but why am I supposed to find this touching or inspirational? This so-called husband cheated on his wife while she had cancer. (He knew she had cancer, guys — hence why he carried her out. When he says “I was too busy to notice,” he meant that he was too wrapped up in his own selfishness to act like a decent human being.)

    Dicks like this give the rest of us a bad name.

  • shashank

    Read this story so many times, countless. Whenever i’m reading again this story and its made my tears roll from my two eyes…

  • Aamir

    This story tear on my eyes !!

  • jasim

    This story is an advice to young peoples who are going to marry, please consider your life partner as precious

  • Elvin

    I hate these stories that are baloney. So much fake stuff out here.
    He didn’t notice HIS WIFE was dying of cancer? And that thru all that she never once told him?
    Most idiotic thing i’ve ever seen. Horrid.

  • Mr. X

    Very sweet story, but the idea of a man’s wife dying of cancer without him knowing she had it is incredibly unrealistic and absurd.

  • audrue

    Very touching

  • S

    I couldn’t get passed the comment, “She served him his dinner!” That was her first mistake!

  • one

    I wonder at the end of the day if any of those who wrote a comment have accually read the last 2 sentences at the end of Story ? Ist not about who wrote this,or who does/nt tell the Partner they got cancer etc,or who cheats .. ist about the end of it…. always look back and think twice before you close the door !! That is all ;)

  • Bond

    Cancer? The cheating husband isn’t a doctor. The dead wife was a drama queen muted because she was stupid. The man — nailing some other chick? She’s a hoe for screwing around with another woman’s man. — but in the spend this is all artifice. All fake. Phone only presented for you to reflect on the decions and choices you have made regarding your marriage and extra-marital interests sexual or otherwise. The story is secondary to what you bring to the table.

  • Donna

    This story has been doing the rounds for about two years. If man wants to leave he will leave and also why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you. Sounds like a Mills and Boon

  • Mark

    It was my first time to read such story like this, and oh, I was touched just like all of those people who have read this already..Marriage has always been and will always be sacred but what proceeds from that day is the most sacred part of it.

  • Juliana

    I have a question. Is this story true? Please answer.

  • Adjeford

    That is exactly the same as , say i love you to the ones who are dear to you , listen to Mike and the mechanics , The living years , that song is really bring tears in my eyes , there are SO many people / friends who i already given away , without the chance to tell them i really love them !! I am SO Lucky i have a second chance with my dad , he is sick , and now i visit my parents every single weekend , and tell them i really love them . I want to say to everybody , look at positive things / thoughts about your parents , or good old friends , and tell them you love them , before it is too late :) !!!

  • http://charjack JM

    Adam, Most comments ever seen. Some did research to track origin. Story goes back a decade.
    Some touched, true or not. Many simply show profane thinking. Selfish, bestiality of men main
    cause of 150,000,000 orphans worldwide. Our 63+ year marriage is reason for thanks at this new
    Thanksgiving season! Jack & Char M

  • nashon

    I have heard this story over the radio and read it too.whether the story is true or false there is a lesson we learn from it.personally am touched.

  • dru

    it’s incredible how people want to believe this kind of story. they simply ignore the aspects that one would need to actually believe this to be real. why do people fall for this and why, more importantly, do people write and share this sort of thing. aren’t the real and truthful events of life enough?

  • Jennifer Dsouza

    Very touching… Just felt the pain of that women and the pain of that man who lost her forever. I couldnt stop my tears. So deeply this story impacted me :(

    • glaiza

      thats true

  • Jon Vaughn

    More evidence that marriage causes stress related illness. Stay single and mingle. Oh yeah, and stay thin.

  • Jon Smith

    Nice story… but not a true one.

  • Fran

    It wasxa story…. He moved on how many times more will he do it again. Sorry but it just shoqsvwomen put up with so much of husband mess and they expect youbto wait until they falled back in love with you….a story

  • lost

    My divorce was final 3 months ago. I cheated but that was not the reason for the divorce. The point of the article is that you dontalways see what happens in a marriage as time goes on. My ex husband forgot about me and that intimacy happens with connection. If you forget about connections your marriage will end. When you dont know what makes me tick or forget about my dreams you forget about me. And when you forgot about me I moved on to someone who was intrigued by me

  • Ism Wook

    I wonder why some people are very happy in stealing someone else’s heart…and ruin someone’s happiness just for their own.

  • Muah

    Bullshit story.

    • Daniel

      It’s a nice story actually. You are just emotionless and heartless

  • Hah! Gaaaaaaaaaay

    sounds like a drama off The Lifetime Channel. corny. cheesy. fake.

  • seriously pissed off

    Oh my F-ing God this is the biggest load of bull shit that I have ever read in my whole life, and trust me I’ve read a lot of complete and utter crap over the years!!!! Maybe its because of the changed ending that doesn’t match the style of writing or its just because the writer has done a shit job so far at trying to appeal to the readers emotions during the progression of the play and fails, so adding cancer in it is their last desperate hope of maybe… making someone feel at least some sort of anything at all. I literally laughed the whole way through which is uncommon because i am often called a drama queen… I want to hit the person for putting such utter nonsense to paper and their imagination deserves to be taken off them.

  • seriously pissed off

    Oh My F-ing God this is the biggest load of bull shit that I have ever read in my whole life, and trust me I’ve read a lot of complete and utter crap over the years !!!! Maybe it’s because of the changed ending that doesn’t match the style of writing or its just because the writer has done a shit job so far at trying to appeal to the readers emotions during the progression of the play and fails, so adding cancer in it is their last desperate hope of maybe … making someone feel at least some sort of anything at all I literally laughed the whole way through, and not because its funny but because of the the humiliation i felt for the author. This reaction is very uncommon for me, as I am often called a drama queen which further more backs up that this text is complete rubbish. Some characters have no consistency ( the son, is he old or young or what). The time sequence is all out of wack ( the emotions each character goes through are not explained to their full extent which means the story lacks depth). The truths about what a person would experience dieing of cancer are left out. Overall this short text needs tones more work and thought put in. I want to smack down the person for putting such utter nonsense to paper and their imagination deserves to be taken off them.

    • Seriously??

      You sir, are a complete and utter retard. I don’t think that you even understand what you are saying here.

  • Dwayne

    Don’t cry…. don’t cry. :’-|
    Is this a true story?

  • Ron

    There, but by God’s grace go I.

  • joseph

    Where is your wifes name? Poorly written and in my view, not real.

  • Lorenzo Petell

    This guy actually reminded me of my dad… from my events and life, I actually hate the guy in this story with a passion

  • http://facebook jake canoy

    Im 35 years old have 2boys never been married but my youngest sons mother i love VERY much and i lost her once i read this love story and cryed in front of my mom i wont take it for granted

  • the truth

    This guy is a total loser. so caught up in his own selfish little world didn’t even notice that his wife was losing weight , maybe getting sick…why didn’t he ask what was going on with her? selfish prick. he did not deserve to be married to such a woman in the first place.

    but the saddest part for me is that he has a son….what kind of values (or lack thereof) is he passing to him?

    Like i said before….selfish prick. most men do not deserve to be married to such respectful women,

    • Jerry

      You completely missed the moral of that story didn’t you. She got her way and lived until the end married. He in return learned a lesson what marriage really means. she got him back without even trying. He seen the prick as you put it he was and changed. This story also works both ways so don’t go passing judgment on just men. Statistics today shows women out number men 3 to 1 in divorces and broken marriages. other words saying 1 out 3 marriages are destroyed by cheating men that leaves the balance caused by cheating women so be careful of stones you throw. This story is heart felt and should be taken as such and leave it at that. Both women and men need to
      learn the meaning of marriage.So don’t cast stones just learn from this story ok. GODBLESS

  • the truth

    too bad most of the trolls on this post cant admit that this was a touching story.

  • http://facebook mike

    wow. everyone is so worried about this nerd/idiot of a guy, they are missing the point. This woman is so strong, so smart, so insightful, the only story here is the impact on their child. And THAT is the beauty of this story. THAT is how women operate. I am a guy lucky to be involved with a woman like this. sometimes she may drive me nuts… but she gave me a life.

  • nick

    this is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read—the guy that wrote this is absolutely disgusting. Kudos you didn’t realize your wife was dying before your eyes.

    • Jerry

      When a marriage between two people are at an end you don’t even remember what she wore the day before so how in the hell would you notice she was dying if you no longer cared for her. A
      woman can hide things better then a man can about themselves it is an instinct built into them as
      being a mother figure so as not to worry their young it’s called a maternal love grow up.

  • eric

    Thank you for the sharing.

    If you love because her bodies you will never end to find the best. and if you love because from her inside. Then you will find a happiness of your life and your feeling.

  • sunil

    Thank you for the sharing..

    it wil touch every heart

  • Reginah Shikoh

    This is so touching!! it brought me to tears. It makes me remember of my mom and daddy. I wish i can see the love they shared when they first met still be in in their marriage.

  • Celena

    This story was very poorly written.
    The idea is nice, but it’s way to dramatic to be even close to realistic.

  • Jeffery

    Damn Onions!!!


  • sweet

    cant control ,my tears :'( rlly touched me deep

  • Micke

    This doesn’t seem realistic at all, one can’t miss that his/her spouse has cancer, no matter how shitty your relationship is. But well, this is fiction..

  • Chrissie M


  • UpperSerangoon Man

    My first thought when reading this was that it’s a bullshit story. Reading it to the end hasn’t changed my mind.

  • PT

    Well I went through the comments , and I realised that a lot of people suggest its a Fake. Mostly men I think. But these people fail to understand that nobody cares if its fake or real. Yes you can think logically all you want , but life is a series of unpredictable events. So this story may be fake but somewhere out there , the story actually happened.

    A lot of these people who claim its a fake , they are just attention seekers , or want to play tough and support the role as MEN ( tough , macho, clever , logical beings) More like self-absorbed people who fail to completely comprehend the values and morals of the stories.

    A lot of the bed-time stories you heard as a child may be fantasies but inside those stories lies a very good and meaningful moral that helped in making you the man/woman you are today.

    So people who still focus on whether its fake or not they are plain stupid and belong in the section of people who try to think everything logically missing the real fun of living life with full of dreams just like they were as kids. All kids who dream and fantasise about the future lead a happy life but in the process they get so absorbed in the logical compilation of society in turn making them miserable.

    Smart and success comes from people who were actually called dreamers and ”unlogical”.

    PS: I am a MAN and all of you haters can suck my @#@!# cause I am leading a very HAPPY life with my wife and none of your comments is going to affect me in any way possible hahahaha . Enjoy!!

    And this sad story was touching and for me it helped me appreciate my woman even more than I did before.

  • shampa

    Loved it! Made me cry!

  • Formortiis

    Oh come on. Something this overly dramatic can’t be true.

  • thomas highsmith

    I read about happen? why woman wanted? there is bad idea. she wants their $$$ or their some things. that is satan find woman like eve. Bible warn any who cheat or steal from husband or wife. I believe and my own eye to see everyone play game their marriage not funny. see you who said “I DO” why fool yourself.

  • Dany Soueid

    Learn how to DIE, you will learn how to LIVE…

  • Kevin

    Written like a true woman. It wasn’t a guy who wrote this.

  • JJ

    Nice fictional story. But it’s just that…fiction. I’m sure it teaches a lesson, and it does. But it’s just that….a fictional story.

  • Jerk

    A little convenient she died on the 30th day isn’t it?

    • Jerry

      NO He didn’t carry her 30 days she died on the 30th day to be convenient for the story she would have died on the 31 day. think about that. she didn’t last 30 days.

  • saba

    really touching story… far as i have learned about life its that just live for the present coz its a gift.. till your there iam right beside you but if you leave then i will forget that you ever existed or not..

  • Lynn

    Wow! Kudos to the author of this story! Thanks for the reminder that I needed to hear. So looking forward to when he gets home from work today!

  • Phil

    Great story, obviously made up.
    If true, the dude is a terrible person, even more than he is already. And the wife is pretty bad too for not talking about the cancer. So you’re just gonna die and not prepare your family right? Selfish. Also, how did he not notice? Cancer is expensive!

    But, still an enjoyable read lol.

  • Sympathy for the Devil

    It’s funny how every story/movie/Oprah etc. on infidelity portrays the Man/husband as the cheater while statistics say Women are more likely to cheat on their Husbands and over 70% divorces are initiated by Women (who are in most cases involved with another man)….

    This story has a good message but such gender double standards are only causing more conflict between the men and women in general.

    In a world of where feminism is fashionable and also “blame the Man for everything” philosophy is on the rise thanks to the media, I only see a bleak future for romantic relationships….

    • VP

      My wife left me a month ago to be with another man. It caught me by surprise. I put everything I had into our marriage. I was committed to her until the end and even now I wished there was something I could do to fix our marriage.

      I did not know that women were more likely to cheat or that most divorces are initiated by the woman.

      • Sympathy for the Devil

        Sorry to hear about your divorce but you are just one of thousands of men who wake up one day to find their wife is “in love” with someone else.

        Yes, over 70% divorces are initiated by women because they have less to lose than their male counterpart (thanks to the legal system).

        There are some well written books on this issue which may help you to understand what really happened in your marriage and possible warning signs that you might’ve missed during your time with your wife.

        Wish you better luck with women next time..

  • NotSoGullible

    Kids don’t write exams. It’s fake (duh).

  • Preet

    Really Heart touching sacrifice by a MOTHER OR WIFE.. Hatts off to that lady.. Stay Happy brother

  • joe

    i hate to be a sour puss, but she had cancer “for months” arguably before he told her he wanted the divorce… so why did she not share this information with the love of her life, her husband at the time? the fact that she had cancer was not the reason he came back. i am sure there is not a woman in the world that would not have shared that with her husband, esp. if she had a short time to live. if she really cared about her child, she would have shared it with her husband so they could make sure the child is understanding and she could enjoy the final days with her child. really the woman was unfair to both of them by keeping this a secret

    • Jerry

      Because of something a woman has that a man doesn’t have built into them Maternal instinct.
      They don’t want to hurt their young so they hide pain and sometimes they don’t want to worry those they love like their husband so they don’t tell them so they will not worry. Why can’t you
      as a man not understand these things. You know men have something too that they seldom use
      it is called paternal instinct so sometimes they hide things that will hurt those they love also. she actually was trying to save them pain and suffering that would have done no good anyway.

  • Christine Babie

    i even cried after reading this sorrowfull story. Really it is hurtful

  • Botrax

    If she really loved her family, she would have juiced cannabis to cure cancer instead of dying for nothing. Would have also saved the marriage.

  • daninho

    I hope some film director will read this and make a movie out of it! It will be a blockbuster for sure. One of the greatest stories I ever read.

  • Voice of reason

    This was a blatantly fictional romance story written by a woman. The author obviously was feeling that her husband doesn’t pay enough attention to her. She feels like if she was DYING her boyfriend or husband might pay attention to her and not be interested in other women… (It’s probably deeper than just that…) Although her feelings are probably justified, this story she’s written is just atrocious, and the concept is moronic. It was like reading a script from Days Of Our Lives… Do you LEARN anything when you watch that crap?.. No. You are tantalizing your illusion of the white collar sub-urban SUV driving “PICTURE perfect” family… This type of thinking is un evolved and 1 dimensional. I like to think that in life no time is ever wasted… but wow.. this was probably a waste of time.

  • Renee

    Interesting that a blog that boasts “trending news” prints an old internet meme. Nonetheless, once past the illogical and manipulative details, there is a lesson or two buried in there worth thinking about.

  • nikki

    I’m a girl and this was exactly what I thought :)

  • Joy

    Reads like poor (and sappy) fiction.

    Sorry, not buying it. Not because I don’t believe in love or reconciliation or any of that, but because it’s extremely schlocky and doesn’t come close to passing the sniff test.

    • Brendan Harris

      Hear hear!

      The story was no doubt written hastily. After all, the mother saying she’s concerned about her son stressing over the divorce and his exam and then her very rapid and lackluster fight against DEATH, seem a bit at odds and not well thought-out. Besides, doesn’t cancer wear on you to the point of paralysis in its final stages? Also, what sub-ten* year-old has exams?!

      What exactly is the “positive message” to pull from this story? That a woman should try to manipulate her husband at the first sign that he wants out? That if your husband cheats on you, you should win him back and then DIE?!

      Yeah, poor-ass writing.

      *I’ll assume that this Chinese** couple did not have their child*** out of wedlock.

      **The couple is likely Chinese as the only mention of cutlery, as irrelevant as the reference is, is to chopsticks, a quintessentially Asian cutlery tool. See ***

      ***That this couple has only one child is further evidence supporting the Asian theory.

    • Dwight

      not half as bad Joy’s story though.

  • Mandy

    Sorry but this is so obviously not true.

  • AAa

    inspiring story

  • Magnus

    So did he get back to Jane?

  • Jezz Geez

    So, we’re feeling sorry for a guy who cheated on his wife, tried to divorce her for his mistress, and then felt boohoo when she died, when he wasn’t even paying attention?? FFS. If anyone deserves to be miserable… it’s this guy. The time for divorce is BEFORE you start fucking someone else.

  • Pete

    Were you moved? Did it touch your heart? Did it make you think? Who cares if it is real?

  • Ahmad

    Nicely written,every husband wife should read this story.

  • Mathew

    As some know, I am a Nicholas Sparks styled hopeless romantic. And this one got me. I hope it reminds you of what is possible when you work at things, look at things the right way. There are friends on here and I read about their lives and realize they get it! Thy know, understand, value and work at love. Keep up the good work! And for those of you who have thoughts that my relationship is boring, have a wandering eye, whatever. YOU have the power to work to make it better. And if you ask yourself “Why should I be the only one to work at this?” Your not, but right now you are having the realization that it need work, so your going to jump in and restore dating, romance, intimacy, and do the little things that truly make a relationship better. Trust me, I valued all the time I had my beloved Christine before she lost her battle to cancer.

  • Eddie

    Well said. Seems like everyone on here can’t see the forest for the trees. The moral of the story is that the relationship between them had almost died due to lack of intimacy. The act of physical contact carrying her started to renew a closeness they had lost. In this case it was too late. It doesn’t matter if this story is true or not, it’s the message being sent that’s important. Men and women will stray. Relationships will end if there is no contact. Problem is many times one of the two is so selfish it can’t be reversed. There’s one saying that is so true, “men need to make love to feel loved, women need to feel loved to make love.”

    • Renee

      Absolutely! It truly doesn’t matter true or not, sappy or not, manipulative or not. It will always take two to tango, and hopefully, somewhere, someplace, someone in a marriage or relationship will read this, “wake up” and begin to smell the roses they have right in front of them.

  • Mike

    This story in so phony, nice try lady writer

  • Long

    Women cannot keep their traps shut so there is no way this lady could have kept her cancer a secret. Phony story

  • Kyle

    This reads like it was written by a self-indulgent and naive 13 year old girl. Jesus people are easily amused by garbage.


    I bet she lost her healthcare due to Obamacare.

  • allie

    touching story, although one thing I don’t get is what 10 yearold has exams?

  • BK

    Touching and beautiful story!

  • http://none Laurel

    This little melodrama needs some serious editing. And I really hope that the comment about juicing cannabis to cure the cancer was ironic because that is the most idiotic sh*t I have ever heard.

  • Buckrogers

    That was about the dumbest fictional story I’ve ever read. Seriously.

    • Natz

      Yes!!!! his wife was fighting a debilitating illness, called cancer, and he never noticed?!?! Give me a break… didn’t notice her growing weakness, coughing up blood, frequent visits to the doctor… no, he was too busy sh@gging his way around the office. Pffffffft

  • Buckrogers

    Right there, where she says she needed a month for the children. Though according to the story she was in a rapidly developing stage of cancer. The story initially makes it sound like she was wanting to hold off the divorce for the children. Then we find out she has a very fast spreading of cancer? Even if it was true, which it isn’t, it wasn’t about the kids it was about her. Sticking the guilt trip on the guy for lack of communication? She could have said, “I have terminal cancer and haven’t long to live.” Instead there was this rather Grimm’s tale “Carry me out of the room every day, while I get lighter and lighter.”

    There is enough tragedy in the world. Don’t fake a fictional account. Focus on more real issues.

  • danie

    I’m sorry. I wish I was touched by this story but the story was so transparent and hackneyed I couldn’t take it seriously! Also the husband is such an asshole I couldn’t just simply forgive him because he changed his mind one day. If she still lived, let’s see how he is 6 months- 1 year later. THEN I’d be touched. He was completely self centered, he didn’t care about his wife, he didn’t care about Jane. Anyway, the moral of the story deserves to be told, but the story itself—is bs.

  • Garlee

    Love and Lust are not the same thing. Some people are just in lust with each other; and when the ‘chemistry dies down’ they think they’ve fallen out of love- and go off looking for someone else to lust after.
    Marriage, if it’s based on love- takes commitment from both the husband and the wife to be able to stay alive and fresh! If you are not prepared to put some form of effort into your marriage- it will not survive. My husband & I are even more wildly in love today (and we’ve just found out we are to be grandparents!) than we were 20 years ago!

  • Nj

    Umm, did anyone here ever live with someone who was dying of cancer? It isn’t quiet and graceful and you would have to be deaf and blind not to notice it. This story is bullshit.

  • carmen kamal

    it make me cry…………

  • Riley

    Why is this story so touching? A man had an affair while his wife had cancer. His actions are excusable because he realized at the last moment what he had the whole time. I don’t understand why this is so inspiring. And I honestly don’t believe this is even a real story.

  • http://hearttouching,really........... dipak

    heart touching, really…………

  • Beth

    Until death do us…..apart?

  • KJ

    It is an over emotional story good for hollywood movies and novel books, doesnt make any sense in practical life, It maybe a good piece of art but I never looked to it serious.

  • medhachaitanya

    Beautiful! Left me in tears :(

  • castaryka

    its really touching, thanks for sharing it to us,that i could value more people who i love and loves me.

  • Ruth


  • mayank

    awssmmmmmm (y) really heart touching….

  • David

    I loved it , i personally thanks the writer and salute him for this, I am sure this has already saved thousands of relations and has encouraged thousands more to give value to their life partners and love them as mush as possible until death apart them.

  • ob


  • Adnan Shahid

    Really an amazing and heart toucing story based on bitter reality of life.

  • James

    lol whut. Cancer isn’t something you notice, it’s something you’re told about. I’m sorry but this story tips over my sappy acceptability level

  • Felisa Kahn Harris

    Only a dying woman could have such wisdom to accept such disrespect and lack of empathy. Her last moments were spent knowing that her partner wanted to leave her for another woman and by the time the husband came to his senses it was too late to let his wife in on his epiphany.

  • cole

    You’re the definition of a piece of shit. i truly don’t understand the people who are actually praising you over your worthless life. You’re a narcissistic horrible man, you pig.

  • Pani

    It was allready a short fim in telugu

  • Axel Seven

    well…now the man is unable to find love because of a burned memory and is stuck with the kid alone…

  • Apon

    It is really a good story.

  • Andy Mallory

    That’s 5 minutes of my life I will never get back. And to think, I could have been playing Pokemon….

  • maggie

    I am sorry but when I tried to read this there was an ad that was blocking most of the story and when I tried to remove the ad I completely lost the article!!

  • Nick Hayes

    So after five days of carrying her down to the car, this kid (who appears to be six when he calls him daddy, but somehow has a final exam coming up) wants to watch his parents carrying each other down the stairs? Also, who the hell is Jane? You randomly put her into the story. I got lost probably about ten times. Then, shockingly, his wife dies of cancer! Her husband did not notice she had cancer? She would have been bald, on numerous pain killers, and would have looked as if she had been dying (have you ever seen someone on the brink of death? It is not pretty). This poorly written story sounds like something that a person about to go into high school could come up with. I understand that this story is made up, but it is sad to see how people are honest-to-God touched by it. It was so bad in some parts, I was honestly laughing!

  • Angie

    A very heart touching story..

  • Nobody

    He should lave with Jane!
    He did not love his wife, never did. I could u love some, and not see that she has cancer. Cancer is painful, need a lot of treatment, etc.
    Of just this sorry is made up, for site traffic..
    The second point, is more powerful then first one! I can see my co-worker beeing sick, and i cant see that my wife is … give me a break!

  • Zack Rangel

    hahahhahahahaha that was hilarious

  • Henry Samuel

    The end is worth all the reading. Wife is a wife and there is no other word that could define her.

  • Fawad

    Nice story!

  • araina

    Read this , my husband cheated me after 10 years of marriage , we have 3 children , I slapped him but I did not cry for him .. he met with a woman from his office and he explained that he just wanted to play with her ​​there nothing more, I came to meet her with my husband , I speak softly and tell her that we have 3 kids and everything , she cried…!!! , but still she call and text my husband , the next day she offered him to leave me and my children and it is better to live with her . My husband was very angry at him and throw his handphone, I spoke with my husband and I just gave him a last chance with me if he thinks he can not find happiness with me, he better leave me now and forever . I forgave him and her and now I’m her bestfriend .. we hang out together , shopping together .. I sometimes get angry with her and realized that this woman had been sleeping with my husband and almost broke my marriage, and with my husband now we fix our relationship .. He believes now that every day is his birthday . Well everyone has made ​​mistakes , forgiveness and try your best to live

  • http://nil Abdul

    Heart Touching story. I pray to almighty that every husband should be with the wife till death. Ameen.

  • sanath

    HEART TOUCHING !!! But You Better Change the Picture. It doesn’t match this Sentiment story!!!! ;-)

  • Scott Wagner

    your all a bunch of Fags!!

  • Tim Kasey

    I don’t think I’ve ever sat longer, in a daze, not knowing how to respond, and yet knowing I had to respond. What resonates with me in this story… is something other than the marriage, or the difficulty that came up in the marriage. I’m 50, and have never been married. I don’t expect anyone to relate to my situation, but believe my ‘way of life’ is as valid and heart felt as the ‘dramas’ played out in this story. How can I possibly understand this story/condition/situation even though I’ve never been in a similar predicament? The linking ‘feeling’ or ‘vibe’ here is compassion and/or understanding. I can understand how two people can end up like this, but can others empathize with my choices? The choice to be alone? What good is my life if I’m not in a family/marriage? This is a bizarre place to be, not so much for me, but for me trying to help others to realize that its ok for me to be this way, single. Can a person even love if they are single, or not in a relationship/marriage with at least one child? How can a person end up in a life without family and children? My situation is probably as strange, or as ‘dramatic’ as a marriage going south, but for many its not at all the same. The talent for me to empathize with these two (man and wife) and yet most married with children would feel alienated around someone like myself. I can’t speak for others, but I do know that the things I’ve managed to accomplished, and as a result of being single, are ‘angelic’ in nature. Could you imagine living a life, free of criticism, and without limits? Knowing your IQ to have been ‘off the charts’ at an early age, and willing to spend an entire lifetime solving at least 1 world problem? If I am able to accomplish my goal, solve a major global problem that brings happiness to millions, how much greater is my life & love for others than what these two married people had for each other? Sorry if some are turned off by my WILLINGNESS to turn this thread into an issue about myself, but there IS a greater way to live out there in the REAL world, and if a person decides to be single, don’t think they are second to others! Get to know a person before you pass such stereotypical judgments.

  • parag

    numb and speechless… i wonder such kind of love do exists in this real world ?

  • jeffwatton

    Selfishness creates the environment where divorce is possible. For me, “Husbands, love your wives just as Christ loves the church,,” takes all of my selfish desires and tears them to shreds.

  • d

    Thats a sad ending…

  • toshoya

    This as touch me deep with in it made tears flow from my eyes as if it as no end

  • Ballsohard University

    This is some of the most insipid drivel I’ve ever read. The fact that it is moving all you circus seals to tears has me seriously worried.

  • Rezwan

    I dont get the point of it….like how is an unmarried supposed to be benifited from this? -_- wen lyf sux…i gess…u shud just change…nd make it better…

  • yutika

    wow!!! :'(

  • supernaturalwoman

    Goddess, i began sobbing .. with the reading of this story – especially nearing the end.

    I have never been married. Yet, as a single mom, i have a 17 year old son and he is giving up on our relationship. We have one of the closest bonds, ever, and it is literally consuming me and i know he is not listening to his heart – it is to other negative influences ..

    So, i get it ..

    With Gratitude,
    Love katheirine

  • Sameer Chakraborthy

    Are you trying to tell me that a sane woman isn’t aware that she has terminal cancer and its upto her husband to notice her illness!!!
    Ridiculously made up story

  • wolfpeterberthold (@gr8blackwolf)

    Whether true or not is really not important here, it could be true though. I know a few people who don’t want to share there health problems with family members because they don’t want to worry them at any cost. Call it true love or whatever. We learned that truth without concern for the other is a sin. You may find some examples in your life which help you to understand what this actually means. Anyway the subject story is good because it brought out so many comments and feeling from all of you. It made you reflect and it touched you one way or the other as otherwise you would not have bothered to write a comment! What your reactions tell us at the end is this: there is no emotional, intellectual,moral or other “glove” which fits everyone. We must decide for our own self what we think is right and what is wrong in regard to our life. Life is beautiful because it is diverse and it can never be boring.

  • gregm91436

    This story was originally written in 2004, in Asia. “AV Media” should certainly not be falsely crediting itself as the author. The story is probably fiction–moving, but failing to list it as fiction significantly weakens the point; it makes it seem like the posters are trying to hide something. Which they are. Falsely implying through omission that fiction is true is an attempt to give weight of truth to a story that has neither earned nor deserves it.

    There are enough real examples of real couples buckling down and doing the hard work to save a marriage that it’s really frustrating to read uncredited stories, altered without the author’s permission, that it severely damages AV Media’s credibility.

    Do better.

    There are enough real-world

  • Howard James

    Nice story but fiction for so many reasons. Not buying it.

  • Skeptical

    At the end of the story it says “Written by Kimmies Floral”. If you look up that name, it’s a florist in Union City CA. The story seems like a manipulative way to get the idea of buying flowers into your head.

    • Deecake S. Alie

      Yeah. I wanted to look up the author and found that out also. What clever use of viral media. Lol.

  • leebee

    I think its a fair enough response to say something about single-hood! After all the title appeals to us all to read.. “married or not… you should read this”. If your not married and in a relationship you may relate to it… and if your single, not sure what would be the purpose of reading it would be? Is it cautionary tale for all Jane’s out there? If you really do want to leave…it’s sort of just a guilt trip. I think I would have found the story more believable if she didn’t die at the end. And my final thought. He was cheating on her.. why would she want to be with him? She wouldn’t! At the end of the day, this says nothing intelligent about marriage or non marriage… it’s just about leaving an innocent child with a happy memory. Which is the only part of this story I can deal with.

  • Anonymouses

    I bet he remarried to Jane after his wife died

  • Christian Dream Interpretation

    Obviously fiction. There is a good message there, too. But, I can’t help but critique the wife’s actions. She had cancer, and didn’t bother to tell her husband? We see in the opening that they eat dinner together? She never even mentioned to him the initial concern that sent her to the hospital, otherwise, he would have had reason to suspect she had an issue.
    Just remember, folks: intimacy is a two-way street. Avoid the vipers in the world. But, don’t withhold at home. This rule applies to both genders.

  • mlh786

    Awesome story,I love my wife too much ,we have some infertility problems from 10 years ,I am really anxious about her future life if I am not alive for her, we should have to spend lovely life with each other as life is too short ,MLH

  • Simon

    To long,did not read

  • Rao G.M

    nice one…..
    but do women ( wife ) reciprocate in the same way the man does…….

  • barun chakraborty

    felt deeply from heart the meaning of true love.

  • Stephanie Lewis

    WHAT! This guy is a total asshole!

  • Ashley

    Wow!! We just don’t realize how short our lives are. And how blessed we really are. Live everyday as if it’s our last and never rest your head with regreats.

  • Dan

    I thought this was a very touching story and the message is one that everyone can learn from. But years of prowling articles has taught me to not take everything at face value. Did anyone else notice that this was written by “Kimmies Floral?” A flower company. Odd. Touching nonetheless.

  • Sharon layar

    So touched! Anhin ang bagay Kung wala na so make a move,life is unpredictable…

  • Sceptical

    I can only say “Treat others how you wish to be treated in life” I do love to read these stories as the comments people write are way more entertaining than the actual content!
    I think the author “Kimmies Floral” must have sold a lot of bouquets after this !!! Good luck to all!

  • Diane Oraif

    Sometimes you try to tell someone something and they simply just will not let you. You have no choice but to suffer silently. They can only see their own self-imposed pain–a pain that is created by the prison of their own mind. There is always a “Jane” but sometimes Jane is not a person but rather a hobby, or even self-pity over not having superficial things one desires. This Jane thing blinds them so they never act interested in why you go to the hospital. They harden with retaliation for some falsely perceived wrong, such as washing the dishes incorrectly, or failing to close back the shower curtain, causing pouting for days because they do not like your ways. To them, acting interested in the hospital visit means they accept your ways they do not like, so it’s better to act like “who cares”. It takes great strength to fight cancer, whether it be of the body or the spirit, and no one wants to go through chemo if their partner doesn’t care enough to ask what the hospital visits are for. Even if you fight it there is the inevitable, so make choices best for those who can be redeemed.

  • salvador

    while reading the story I did not notice tears comes out from my eyes, we are 12months not living together with my family

  • Nobody

    So, am I a bad person if I actually laughed out loud with the story’s twist? Because I admit this was pure comedy gold.

    • Dumb Dumb Dumb

      agreed! ^^

  • This is saving my marriage

    I am in an unhappy marriage. The main reasons are related to me. I have OCD, depression, and sleep apnea. My wife is not patient towards my condition, and I can’t blame her. Probably if I were in her shoes, I would be less patient than her. Whenever I act wierd, she screams at me, which makes me feel even worse. She has expressed that she does not want a divorce, rather she wants a functional hubby. This blog post made gave me hope. Please pray that our marriage survives. Wish you all the best.

  • Chris

    the lord gives the lord taketh away

  • joshua appiah

    One thing i know, my wife will never feel that way. Shell know i love her night and day. Her love makes me smile in such a way. Her touch sends me tingles so ill never stray. Thats the love ill look for till The end of days.

  • Salley

    Shorrock1-First off, I am very sorry for what you are going through right now. If you are willing to read some material on how to help your family I highly HIGHLY encourage you to go on MarriageToday’s website. That helped my husband and I’s marriage SO MUCH. Pastor Jimmy Evens has a ministry on marriage. He and his wife had a horrible marriage. They came VERY close to divorce. He finally turned to God to show him how to help his marriage. My husband just spent the last year deployed to Afghanistan. It was challening when he came home. However, while he was gone I drenched myself in God’s Word and Pastor Even’s teachings. It helped us SO MUCH. I hope you look it up.

  • Janice

    It is sad how we get so caught up in ourselves that eventually make us forget all that we once valued in our lives. This is an eye opener to reality.

    • Nikki

      Actually the story is pure crap.

  • Yohannes

    Fact 1) It is not important to prove if this is a made up story or not.
    Fact 2) we should focus on what we can learn from
    Fact 3) In case, It is true and if the writer reads it, Imagine what he is going to feel about it.
    Fact 4) Constructive criticism is very much appreciated. the world has ample and professional
    criticizers. Let’s leave this for them and learn what we can for ourselves and our relationship
    Fact 5) “The small details of your lives are what really matter in a relationship. It is not the
    mansion, the car, property, the money in the bank. These create an environment
    conducive for happiness but cannot give happiness in themselves.” Let’s focus here.

    • Nikki

      There is nothing to be learned from it. Some wannabe writer who is awful just trying to pull on heart strings. The author is trying to get gullible people share this for easy publicity. But this is the worse piece of crap I have ever read. It would been better if the asshole but a bullet in his brain.

  • Joshua Burton

    That’s rough.. He hadn’t even got the chance to tell his wife.. Man, that’s going to weigh on him ..

  • Jerry Germs

    Oh my goodness, the grammar in this story is absolutely horrendous. This story would be far better if compellingly and smoothly written. Also, does ‘cancer’ really need to be in all capital letters to stress its weight? If you take your writing seriously, other people will too.

  • seriously?

    this is the stupidest thing I have ever read

  • Lan

    I just died a little bit inside.

  • http://facebook marielle

    it’s a really beautiful story …….i’ve learned a lot to this kind of story ..

  • Cupcake101

    This is so… touching!

  • Safras Ahamed

    Its so touching… I felt like watching a movie.
    Lot to learn in life… Each and every detail of this story, I love it..

  • Lauren

    Wow what a massive coinkydinky that she died on the day he decided not to leave her =_= so fake.

  • Mandy

    Barf. Total simplistic swill. If only real life were so melodramatic and conveniently tragic.

  • Aszimir


    • Nikki

      No. It was stupid.

  • Nikki

    Awful story! No redeeming value whatsoever. Please don’t write anything ever again. Sooooooo corny and stupid

  • laura

    So dad he didn’t release earlier :(

  • Elizabeth Cole

    Wow, I am still teary eyed from this. What a powerful message and story! Thank you for sharing.

  • Doug S.

    Very meaningful. I have gotten the message from my partner that it is in those little details, that I actually indicate a key aspect of our relationship. Am I actually putting my attention on her, or is my attention only about me? In the end, he only got it when it was too late!

  • Eric Griffin (@ESJG)

    That was a cute story

  • Dumb Dumb Dumb

    this is such a waste of time. Can’t even believe I’m taking the time to write what a waste of time this is.

    • Big Wank

      With you there, Dumb Dumb Dumb. Like a horrific accident that you can’t help but stare at. Shut the hell up, everyone? Like it, hate it… Who cares?

  • eido_tee

    I find it very hard for this story to be true. No mother who loves her child will not warn her spouse and loved ones that she is terminally ill, otherwise how are they to plan the upbringing of the child after her death?

    That said, I do not disagree with the message of the story, which is treasure the smaller details within the marriage.

  • Paul Jones

    What a complete load of bollocks!!!!

  • Michele

    For me its been almost 6 years on Dec 27th when I found out. I am still struggling.

  • Roger Ebert

    I knew from the first mention of weight loss that it was going to end in cancer. So transparent, so poorly conceived, so poorly written – so essentially internet. In this situation, only a fictional character would hide the fact that they were dying from cancer and only had a month left to live. The author should take a “walk 10 meters” off a 5 meter pier.

    • nobody you know


    • Kelly

      Not everyone would tell about cancer I have lost 2 loved ones to cancer and I would not breath a word of it until my last dying days due to the fact cancer already has hurt my child twice.

  • http://Facebook Forrest

    This story is not only inspiring but a true teaching about how much we take for granted upon our daily walk upon what we make important. Why are we so selfish, why do we choose to do things that’s hurt the ones that love us the most, how do you look at yourself in the mirror and think you are ok with what you are doing wrong, how will you live with yourself if this happened to you or someone close to you, and do you care about anything besides yourself? So many of us sin before the actual sin occurs because we think out our sin before we Persue it which makes us incredibly heartless and crazy!! If you aren’t happy with yourself get help and stay healthy minded because once you start tasting the other side you only stray away further and further wasting away your life. I’d simply ask you to think about those around you and always put at least one persons needs in front of your own in order to stay GOOD!! Value life according to the sun coming and going on a daily basis, you will never know when your time is up?

  • Jason


  • http://facebook john waddell

    John and Josie Waddell would have been married 60 years the 16 of Feb this year but was cut short by 10 months Life is great, Thank the Lord for our LOVE Johnny.

  • Pete

    If anyone’s missing a storyline from a really sappy Lifetime movie, I found it here. Good grief, this was the most contrived piece of guano ever. My gf read it and got tears in her eyes. I read it and it made mine bleed. I want my two minutes back. I should make her carry me around the house to make up for it. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet, people, there are more liars there than in Congress

  • Joy Boliver

    read it from start to finish… its like reading a short story novel. so touching!. The wife is eally a brave and strong woman. She is very inspiring. I salute her!

  • sandhan50

    Shared by Kimmies Floral.. not written by. This story has been going around the net for the last 10 years in chain emails…

  • bill

    the last line in there was written by thomas edison

  • hasham kiani

    heart touching

  • Thomas

    Whenever I read this or think of it, tears just roll out my eyes, I just can’t imagine the boy telling the father it’s time to carry mom, there is so much true love, sacrifice in this whole episode. Don’t get married for pleasure alone, but for true love & sacrifice.

    God Bless

    • Mr. Wake Up

      You make me sick! Literally.

  • Ash Heule

    This is probably the most contrived piece of crap I’ve ever read. The author obviously reads too many harlequin novels. I’m deleting the person who sent me this on Facebook.

  • nobody you know

    Way too predictable….

  • B

    BS, the small is momentary happiness. This fake marriage failed for a number of other reasons the author skips right over, the real life crap of the everyday hustle, maybe she lost her job, maybe he did, maybe she gained weight, stopped wearing makeup, maybe she took him for granted, maybe he’s just a dick.. possibilities are endless.
    This is another example in a long line of the dumbing down our society. There are root issues to every problem, esp in relationships ignoring them the force some sunlight to come into a darkened room is a fools game, you must knock down the walls and get the light into every crack, shine it everywhere and you’ll have a better chance of fixing the issues.
    TLDR: This is trite girly crap…

  • Jonathan

    excuse me while I go punch a wall to gain my man card back

  • starkersinnit

    What absolute drivel. This is the most ridiculous, bullsh*t story ever concocted. You all really believe this twaddle? Complete fabrication of tear-jerking nonsense.

  • DroolCup


  • arrr

    Moral of the story… avoid marriage.

  • Ai

    The title of this story is 30 Days of Carrying my wife, saw this in a website and has been shared by my English professor, I mean this story is known and its author is an Anonymous… I’m just curious if you really wrote this?

  • Gary Basom

    Such love,to ignore the other woman, protect the son and return the love to someone who scorned her. IS this not unconditional love?

  • Brad

    Wow, first this story is complete made up garbage, but besides that, did anyone else think if he would’ve waited one more day, (another reason why this story is obviously made up), Jane’s heart wouldn’t of been broken, and the son would’ve received a loving step mom. Of course he couldn’t marry her right away, but if he hid their love that long from his wife, he could’ve hid it for another year from his son, then slowly introduced her.

  • Jugloo Obama

    CRAP !!! He should have just taken Jane … Wives can be soo demanding !!!

  • arukylask

    ME neither

  • gerald d salamone

    dear.christine I wish I didn,t read that but im glad I did thank u

    • Mr. Wake Up

      dear.christine I wish I didn,t read that and now im angry that I didn,t stop when I realized it was stupid

  • Youhuwish

    This is fkin stupid, this is the sort of crap old people post on Facebook that turned it from a fun site to a bunch of stupid cat pictures and Internet links to chain letters and quizzes like in the AOL days

    • Mr. Wake Up

      There should be a stupid-block on facebook

  • jerry

    It is a sad story, but he must have gone out and got what he didn’t get at home,,it’s been 8years with no intimacy for me,,,I’m still here,,but it’s 25 yrs of my life I could have lived differently,,

  • Josh Languedoc

    This had such a profound impact on me. I will treasure this story for as long as I live and remember it for when I ever get married.

  • Mario Coma


  • Bert

    Well, I really loved the message of course, but the story itself was sorta dumb. It’s totally implausible that a wife would have cancer, but her husband wouldn’t have a clue, whatever the state of their marriage. Also, how old is the kid supposed to be if he has a test that matters but cries out elatedly when he sees “daddy carrying mommy”? Lastly, this might be nitpicky but for god’s sake, the line is “till death do us part”, as in, until death parts us, not “till death do us apart”, like “What happened to their marriage?” “Oh, death did them apart”. It might not seem like a big deal, but it kind of is! if the author of this story is married, how would she not know that? Did she say “death do us apart at her wedding?” Or, if she’s not married, I think the tone, theme, and content of the story are a little presumptuous for a single girl to tackle.

  • glehel

    This does not ring true. In fact it rings more to fiction than Erich Seagal’s Love Story which was intended to be a manipulative piece of syrupy dreck. I don’t believe a word of it and it shames me to think how easily the story has taken wing.

    The blind believe in this story explains why Americans are so purely rated in education, can’t determine the facts from fiction in the news. I’m embarrassed.

    Yes we should all appreciate what we have and yet that should start with authenticity and truth and not a big steaming pile of maniuplative BS.`

  • aiu lave

    OMG this is so touching!

  • Jack

    That’s okay! I didn’t need my heart today. Thanks! OMG!

    • Patrick

      this is a load of crap. guys decides he loves his wife the day she dies. What a duche to not even notice she has cancer. He doesn’t deserve jane or the wife

  • Linda

    Thanks so much for sending this my way. My life will never be the same now. I love my husband with all my heart but from now on I will love more deeply, care more deeply and be there for him more fully and not let LIFE get in the way of that bit of time we have together each day/night.

  • Mary

    Yes the third eye is a symbol of wisdom it is more often use in yoga practice.

  • Daniel Lee

    Very Very Very Nice Story. Mind moving.
    except for the “dead” part.

    • Mr. Wake Up

      Very very very sad story. Sad, like in its sad that someone wrote this, and even sadder that people get moved by it.

  • Phoenixwmn (@Phoenixwmn)

    This is a touching & poignant story of course, when viewed from the wife’s perspective; for me, however, it’s just one more reason to regard men as lying self-involved cheats who think only of themselves first. This woman had to die to get her husband’s head out of his lower end. For men it always seems the perceived greener grass has so much more appeal than does the hard work of hacking through the underbrush of what went wrong in the marriage and fixing it. The irony in that is, the grass is so very rarely EVER actually greener on the other side of that marital fence.

    • Mr. Wake Up

      Your a lying self-involved cheat!

      • Mr. Wake Up


  • makemineavodka

    Oh my word a lump in my throat and tears burning my eyes. Maybe we should learn to appreciate what we have

    • Mr. Wake Up

      Even if it’s total crap. Amen!

  • Afshin

    You are so brave and thanks for your sharing, God bless you and your wife, we all make mistakes but it’s important to recover that mistake with courage.

  • sharmin nawaz chowdhury

    nice & touchy story……………….

  • Vishnu

    I am still a bachelor even though i love to say some words. Even he cannot read her Mind how can be a husband. But he dint spent more time with her wife. There is no meaning, he has to suffer for life long. Instead of dating with Jane he could spent full time in a month notice with her wife. He could have saved her life and as well is son future.
    Sorry if someone hurts with my words.

  • none

    Pseudo-emotional fiction catered to the masses of emotionally charged women. It did that part well I guess. Now I get to endure my female friends gushing over this on facebook for the next while.

  • Mr. Wake Up

    This just doesn’t make any sense. It’s obvious that this marriage didn’t work, and the cancer-stuff just seems stupid. It’s better for the kid to have separated parents than to live with two people who don’t get along.

    Unless you die first you’ll end up alone anyway.

    You people who cry about this: do you have any idea what’s going on around the world? There’s people sitting in some horrible prison because they got raped, and the worst part is that’s not even close to the worst.

  • Josh

    I don’t know why I see this post everyday on my facebook wall. I will be sure to not click on this again. In the story you write, you are a lucky man. One that doesn’t deserve to be so lucky. I hope you never find love again, because you cheated on your wife, and she still wanted to live her last days out with you. It’s hard for me to take that. I hope for her sake, that your son doesn’t end up like you, for you sir have realized your mistake, but it took long, and I hope it haunts you for the rest of your days.

  • Sharlyn

    I’m not married with my bf but he was also i can at list relate to the letter but i try to spend my time with him as much as possible…because i don’t want to waist my time..for nothing for me he is most important of all specially at this time…
    I just feel sad about the man in the letter because his so irresponsible not to notice that his wife is ill now its too late…he can’t bring her back to correct his mistake…

  • M

    Dumb. He didn’t notice cancer?!?!? Give me a break.

  • Marie

    I don’t believe this story. First of all, this man is a huge jerk. That part I do believe. But, how could he not even notice she’s sick? Plus, what kind of cancer did she have that she wasn’t sleeping all day or sick all day, and wasn’t getting treatment for? And, how did she know when she would die? It’s unlikely she would just be dead that last day, just as he realized he loved her still… sounds like a Rachel McAdams movie or a Shakespeare play. I was intrigued by the carrying and think that is a good idea- the point is good, but the death at the end is cheesy and unrealistic. I wonder if he’d have stayed with her if he showed up with the flowers and she was alive, but said “I have cancer”. That gets rid of loads of people fast- I know. I think it’s just a bit contrived that she died at the end, and that he never gave her a reason for wanting the divorce. She deserved better, whether she’s fictional or (slightly) real.
    Note: I had cancer and so did my mom. There’s no predictability in it and there’s not an easy way (or much sense) in hiding it. Even from an idiot like this guy.

  • Jeremy Thompson

    As touching as this is it still has to take two to have a Happy marriage. I tried, talking, going to counseling and eventually blaming myself for everything that had gone wrong over 14 years of marriage. My then wife however seemed to do anything and everything to hurt me. Offer 7 men she slept with as soon as two years after our marriage. 2 bankruptcies she put us through the second only a couple of years after getting out of the first one while I served 39 months in Iraq over a 5 year period, and just too much else to mention. I am grateful for my four children, my stepdaughter, my son who I adopted, my daughter with whom she was pregnant with when we met and our daughter we had together. But I feel like 14 years were stolen from me and now at the age of 40 I truly question whether I have the strength to try again. I’m absolutely for doing what is necessary to work thru marriage but both sides have to want it and I just wish she would have told me the first time she cheated on me because it would have been over then because that’s one thing I am so strongly against and cannot forgive, especially when it continues with other men. Men get hurt as well in marriages. Even as honest as I could be to work it out it always back fired. Any way if your married be 100 percent honest, be trusting of one another, communicate AND listen to one another, spend time with one another and a marriage can work thru good and bad.

  • Charles Everson

    Awful,awful,awful sure I love my wife with all my heart for 26 years now,but there are enough true sad stories out there without getting sucked in to reading fictional ones with deceptive titles like every married person should read,after a long hard 12 hr day I sure as hell don’t want get tearful over a fictional short story at that.
    Loving husband

  • http://Fb Amy

    Ohhhh very touching the story…….Icry

  • Kelvster

    As a man, society has taught us that displaying our emotions is “unmanly-like”. It minimizes our masculinity. However, as a real loving, breathing man, I can truly say that this story has touched my heart. It’s a classic case of “the grass is not always greener on the other side”. How you love that special person in your life will define your heart’s true pleasure. True love is suppose to stand the test of time and when you honor that love do understand that you’ve made an oath to love that woman (or man) until God calls you both home. To all my real men out there reading this, it’s not about the number of strokes that you can give that woman, but the number of times that you can stroke her heart and truly mean it in the process. Love her every day and I promise you that you’ll never have to worry about searching for love for the rest of your lives because she will be there to remind you of what the rest of society has failed to reveal to you–True love has never left your side….

  • Rachel Ray Hurley

    Is this a true story? Is an amazing story if it is.

  • James

    Can ya blame me? I saw a young lady walking across a foot bridge between a set of apartments and told the friend I was with I was going to marry that girl. Two years later and we were married.
    Her mother took our marriage certificate and wrote on it “Sold As Is” and yes it was a slap in the face but I thought this was THE most perfect woman in the world! and I could make it through anything life could throw at me. After all I asked God to make her a part of my life and I wouldn’t let him down. My wanting to make her life easier made me work 16 hours a day and I forgot what was important to me during this 2 year trek. I forgot to be there for her and this made her wander off to someone that showed her attention. I lost her and my children to nothing more than “not being there” I hope everyone that reads this will understand and forget what you think is important because she gives up more and gives you more than anything else in this world. If you are smart you will perceive this as a warning and work more on your marriage if that’s is what you truly want, than working on material things. I lost my way and I hope this will put you back on your way. I cannot forgive myself for losing what matters the most in life ” Family” and the love that comes from it…..But maybe God will forgive me because I know she will not! Good luck!

  • http://Facebook Ally

    sighz, cherish the lil things that put a smile on ur face

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this story is actually true? The timing and situation fit almost too perfectly to highlight what it wants (like a tragic romance story) that I’m doubting if it really happened.

  • Rick

    after 18 years of marriage, 23 years together, and 2 children……….one day i asked my wife why she married me. she said i was the first one to ask. we’ve been divorced since. nice story, but doesn’t apply to everyone. for every lousy cheating no good husband out there, there’s a woman who can outdo him.

  • Dave

    sitting here crying like a baby. Lost my wife to suicide this past spring… In the words of the song…”Don’t it always seen to go that you don”t know what you got til it’s gone”.

  • hedonismonwheels

    gurl was mareed 2 her bf n he were thinkn dvors.

    she sed “bbz will u luv me 4evr”

    he said “NO..”

    da gurl cryed N maed him pik her up 4 months.

    boy was cryin and went to pic up her body.

    she was ded ov cancur.

    he whispered 2 her corpse “I ment 2 sey i will luv u FIVE-ever…” (dat mean he luv her moar den 4evr)

    xxx~*…LIKE DIS IF U CRY EVRY TIME…~*xxx

  • Adam

    I find all of this really hard to believe. Is this fiction or non-fiction? Even if it’s real, how could anybody not realize their wife was battling cancer? From hospital bills, all of the doctor appointments, bottles of pills, the probability of the wife’s family knowing, there is no way that the husband could not know that his wife was going through something that serious. So…I don’t know.

  • ksenia s.

    This kind of situation is heartbreaking. We are so reactionary to our feelings at the moment that we forget the people who we grow comfortable around, we forget the people who love us more than anything because they are just part of our daily routine. We take them for granted like we take the food on our dinner table for granted. This is so sad. I am crying because this could be any one of our spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends/mothers/fathers/siblings/friends/children- we become so consumed by our own lives and happenings that we don’t even notice what the people around us endure. I am ashamed that something like this could occur, and that human beings can truly be so cold/distant towards each other while living in the same home, raising the same child… we suck.

  • Concerned Father

    I hope the son did ok on his exams!

  • valenticiana

    this brought tears to my eyes.

  • kate

    you sure you wrote this? Its actually written by norman vincent peale…

  • Maryssa Smith

    They should of used a pic of them, not a picture of my cousin and her boyfriend t-.-t

  • tomateuncoffee

    This is just too similar to Isabel Coixet’s short film in ‘Paris, je t’aime’ (2006).

  • audrey mcdougle

    I’ve read this before

  • Valerie

    It’s not real. Stuff like this makes me gag. What is even WORSE, is the people who cry and believe that it’s real. I could go on but I won’t. Humans are so gullible and unwilling to just be here, on this planet, in this reality and deal with life as it is.

    • CrusaderSounds

      You’re correct, it’s not real. Yes it is a story. Can a story communicate a message effectively? Certainly. Hence Aesop’s Fables, The Brothers Grimm, etc.

  • val


  • Misanthrope

    Well said. This decides it. I’m going to write a piece of garbage and laugh my way to the bank, the way that author of “50 Shades of Crap” did. I am ditching my standards and becoming a capitalist.

  • sick of it all

    Bravo Glehel!

  • Ms. Enlightenment


  • glark

    I concur with Mr. Wake Up. Please go jump in a lake Thomas, a really cold one so you can wake up. Or drown….whatever.

  • crystal

    Yes I feel very sorry for the wife and the son….but the selfish cheating husband…am I supposed to feel bad for this guy. He had a wonderful selfless wife and he wasn’t there for her. They both deserved better than what he gave….and he got more than what he deserved.

  • swag

    Honestly, that’s what I call a cool story bro. Such a riveting tale, I honestly copy and pasted it to word, saved on my hard drive, backed it up on a jump drive, drove to the bank, put the jump drive in the safe deposit box, and will leave it there until my kids turn about 12 (when they can actually state their age, and ask what it is I’m showing them), when I will pick it up, put it in an old USB drive reader and relay this cool story to them and tell them, “kids, this is what a cool story should look and sound like…not like the stories your generation tells.”

  • kb

    how old is this son? he is saying things like “daddy” and riding the school bus yet he has exams? i’m confused

  • msraj

    You are rite, none will realize until they lose it

  • Surendra

    Excellent story! Just astonishing!

  • andrew

    sooooooooo sad

  • Owais

    made my eyes wet, will love my feonycy much more than before, although i am not married to her yet :) love you my sweeet sweet flower

  • AJ

    ONION ALERT!!! Am I the only one balling like a big baby over here?

  • andrea

    where do i begin?????
    cry cry cry dont know why….. self pitty? can anyone honestly tell me what love means???? i mean between u an ur husband??????

  • The Other Tim

    The husband in this story is cruel, selfish and heartless.

  • betty jamison

    Powerful and eye opening, caused me to tear up.

  • sc

    Astonished..I am touched

  • Cherry Lovelace

    Hi Kimmies,

    a friend posted it on my facebook page and when I was done reading it, my eyes were wet. I’m actually a student, studying film. I would like to make a short film based on your story for my semester project in the coming semester. It’s lovely and it has a great moral message. I would like to share it with my friends and the people out there. I would be very happy to hear from you and get some feedbacks for my idea. Cheers!

  • Bridgette

    I’ve been going through the same thing for the past year I’m with someone I’ve been with for 17 years I still love him but I’m not in love with him we don’t do things together we don’t go out we don’t have dinner together we don’t go to the movies I think I’ve gotten bored with our relationship during this time I became friends with a female friend of mine and we’ve grown closer and I fallen in love with her and she’s fallen in love with me. we want to be together but I don’t know how to walk away from him he’s all I’ve known for 17 years and now I just don’t know what to do she tells me everyday that she loves me and I love her and we want to be together but I just don’t know what to do

    • http://Womenafter50 Janet

      Not really into that lifestyle but in all honesty you will regret throwing your marriage away because you want disregard your sense loyalty.
      Now that it doesn’t suit U to be loyal and make every attempt to keep your marriage solid it’s just wrong to have stepped outside your relationship you made sacred before God and others.
      Attempt all those things you said are now lacking first. Give it an honest try without that other distraction in your life.
      It’s ok to tell her U must not see her anymore socially or otherwise. It’s ok.
      Because it violates your vow to God first then your husband and family. J/s

      • Bridgette

        I’ve never slept with her but we’ve grown close enough that it feels more like a relationship than the one I’m in. We’ve been together for 17 years but he has never said he wants to marry me. We have no children between us he just been the only one I’ve been with for all these years. I am at a lost.

        • Bella

          Then sweetheart, have a heart to heart talk with him before you throw it away. Ask him if he has intentions of marrying you soon (its been 17years. It’s your RIGHT to ask.) cause you need a clearly defined goal for your life so you can advise yourself. If that doesn’t make him sit up, I guess you got your answer. And after 17 years, ANY relationship will stale. That’s why you start dating again, rekindling it, doing activities and stuff that make you get to know the real you and him again. Love is not a high. It has its peaks, its lows and its plateaus. Good luck.

  • mb

    It inspired this great short film here:

  • Pratik

    Wow, this dude sounds like an arrogant bastard. How is this moving? A guy who cares so little for his relationships that he doesn’t notice his wife has..cancer! And on top of that he’s having an affair and has told this to her wife.

    If anything, his wife has the patience and the love of a Buddha. That’s the true moral. I have no sympathy for this guy. He is not a real man

  • Lamar

    I know sometimes we over look many things in life but love should never be one of them.

  • Matt La Farr

    Obviously, like pretty much every story you see like this, this is a complete fabrication. This story stinks. It’s not even written well (punctuation aside, which is dreadful). We’re supposed to believe that she never told her husband about having cancer?! Even with a child involved?! Try again, fabricator. Really whiffed on this one.

    • Lamar

      I thought so to good to be true kind of thing.

    • think a little

      Its obv a fabrication but that is not the point. The story has a nice moral at the end. Everything doesn’t have to be so literal. Of course she would have told him she had cancer, and maybe the author drags out the story to get to the point but thepoint is to appreciate the smaller things in life we often overlook. Money, a big house, a nice car, none of that buys happiness and when all is said and done none of it is really that important. Its the little moments with the ones you love that truly matter the most.

    • Bella

      Certain events could have forestalled her telling her husband she had cancer. Sometimes, when there are several issues going on in a household, you want to hold it off telling, because it makes it so much more real and you are also trying to keep things normal, for your husband or children. Believe me, i know. And then once your partner wants divorce, you don’t say anything cause you are hurt and pissed and confused and wondering why your life is falling apart at that moment.
      All I’m saying is, things happen.

    • Josee Lalonde

      If a man and a woman arent close then why would she tell her husband they werent close and some women hurt so much about It they dont wanna tell others and make them worry …… this is a great story you just arent thinking deaply about it and understanding

  • John

    A couple thoughts came to mind

    1) It is perfectly understandable that the small act of carrying your wife to the door every day for a month rekindled the love you had with this woman for 10 years. Jane shouldn’t be surprised by that, or angry at you for having a change of heart, as anyone who is getting involved with a married man should entertain this possibility, and thus not emotionally invest herself too much.

    2) If Jane truly loves you, she should hear you out. Tell her you were tricked (that is, essentially, what happened). Tell her that the situation was created by your wife’s holding back essential details, and that had you known she would pass away in 1 month you would not have had a change of heart. Most importantly, stress to Jane that now you can see clearly, aren’t blinded by overwhelming emotion, and that you love HER thoroughly and unequivocally. Tell her you regret your decision every moment of the day and that you will do anything to get her back, because she is the most important thing in the world to you.

    Anyways, I hope that helps.

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  • Junior

    This story is sad but does anyone know if it is true? The part that stuck out was the part of not noticing his wife had cancer for months. How can someone not notice or forget that a love one (family member) has cancer. I just lost my father-in-law to cancer and my dad has it. That is not something someone forgets or does not notice. That part of the story makes me question whether this truly occurred.

    Does anyone know if this is true or just a story?

  • Bella

    If only this could happen for everyone.
    I’m currently in the process of divorce because the man I love is in love with a younger woman.
    Our marriage wasn’t perfect. In the beginning, it was fun and great but slowly, he began to draw away, coming home late, denying me love (and sex) though he felt free to come for it whenever he wanted, and destroying my self esteem about my weight gain after I had his baby (gained 25 pounds). My food didn’t ‘taste’ good anymore, he wouldn’t take pictures with me and would rarely help with the baby.

    I couldn’t understand where the amazing, caring, loving, dependable man I had married had disappeared to. I tried to be good enough, pretty enough and slim enough for him, but all he did was dislike me more and find more faults. Seven years after hoping and loving him and being there for him, he wants a divorce. And for the sake of my 6 year old son, I’m giving it to him, cause though I love him, though I’ve done all I can, its not enough and I can’t keep losing myself esteem and personality to his dominance and emotional deprivation. And now, I’m a ‘burden’ in his life cos of our eternal ‘relationship’ due to our son, the son he wants to take though I chose to keep him instead of his idea to abort.

    But it still hurts and I wonder if I will ever love again. The man who i had given my virginity to, abandoned my family for, given a son to, stopped university to take care of our son, the man i had given my world for, who had been an Angel is now the one who sees me as a burden and a person he wants nothing to do with. I struggled with him and everything he became because of me, he’s given to another woman (yes, younger than me too). It hurts like crazy. I don’t understand. Cause i have looked at myself wondering what I did wrong, why he couldn’t stay committed like I was.
    I’m now continuing my education (a year left till I get my bachelor’s degree) so i can get a good job to take care of my son.

    If you can’t be a good spouse and be committed, then don’t ruin someone’s life by marrying them. It’s just not fair. It’s not.
    I know I’m better off without him, but it doesn’t stop the hurt.

    If you are reading this and you have problems in your marriage, especially if you want to leave without a valid reason (like abuse), ask yourself how you would feel if you were in your spouse’s shoes. Marriage is not all fun. Like anything worth having, it takes work. It takes communication, continuous dating, commitment, understanding, endurance, tolerance, REKINDLING…that new person you want to be with, some years down the road, that relationship will get old too. So do you try to make it new, or simply break a person and look for a new love? Stop being selfish. Start being true. Cause it can’t always be about u.

    • +|_|+

      sorry for that
      i guess u deserve better

    • Jenna

      I was in the same situation in my first marriage of 8 almost 9 years. I was a virgin on my wedding night. I worked hard to support him through college. Even afterwards he wanted a certain lifestyle and sent me out to work 16 hour days. Then to find out while I was working he was cheating. He hated me and he didn’t even know why he said I was the perfect wife. I did Al the working, cooking and house cleaning. I had wealthy men who would approach me even after I was married but I denied them due to my loyalty to my ex husband. He didn’t allow me education. Well he took all my money and married his whore. But karma misses no one. In the end he did me a huge favor. Now I found my best friend in life and husband. Now I have learned my lesson in life. Now I am strong and no one will take advantage of me or my kindness again who doesn’t deserve my kindness. When a door closes on an idiot it opens to something better and I thank God for opening the door to my new life and new wonderful husband. Be strong you will find your belonging!

    • Guest

      while i feel VERY bad for what happened to you, i’ve seen stories like this unfold more times than i can count. the story is pretty much the same every time. girl meets handsome/charming/charismatic/wealthy guy, who acts like a nice guy and he sweet talks the pants off of her. meanwhile, there is a less handsome/less charismatic guy chasing said girl in high school or college, doing anything and everything for her but ends up being “just a friend.” the handsome guy gets bored with his girlfriend and goes sticking his junk into every hole he can find. why? because the women make it easy for him. i know one girl who made this same mistake 3 times in a row now. still didn’t learn. ignoring the not as handsome guy who has stuck it out as being her “friend” for years, who answered her ever beckon and sacrificed a lot for her, and instead throwing herself at the pretty boys just to get cheated on again and again.

      you called your ex “dependable.” what did he do to deserve to be called dependable? you barely knew him. you didn’t even finish college because of him, so you were probably 20 when you got married and/or got pregnant. you were both still children. if he was REALLY dependable, he would have done everything to make sure you finished college and achieved what you were striving to achieve. the way i see it, he did nothing to deserve to be called “dependable.” he is a prick for not making you stay in college. dropping out of college should not haven even been in the equation. this alone should have been a red flag. a real man would have broken his neck to make sure you succeeded.

      i’m not just taking jabs at you, any girl reading this, please, before you throw yourself at someone, stop and ask yourself a few things. does this person deserve it? and if he doesn’t, then who does? who has REALLY been there for you through think and thin? when i need help with something, who can i always count on to stop everything they are doing and help me? is he just trying to serve his own interest or does he want what’s best for me? is he there when things get tough? is he there at all? if you are like 20 years old, then you probably haven’t met the right guy yet.

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  • thomkyte

    this story has been around forever, no matter how true of not it is, most relationships married or not will fail because of lack of communication. Most people now days marry for lust not love, Divorce is too easy to get and marriages are so easy to get out of. Not like the “old” days, people do not want to “make them work”, its easier to trade in the old and bring in the new.

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  • La Sombra

    This legend has been circulating since 2004, last updated this in 2010, but still says it’s a legend. Legend, as in myth, folk tale, fantasy. Believe what you want to believe, tho.

  • CrusaderSounds
    • La Sombra

      A tear jerking visual dramatization of the root article. What’s your point?

      • CrusaderSounds

        Wow, let’s not get hostile! I just posted the video as some people would rather watch it than read it.

        • La Sombra

          No hostility intended and I apologize for coming off in that manner. In another post I indicated that had debunked this dramatization and so I thought there might have been a counter-point intended.

          • CrusaderSounds

            Not a problem at all! If you go to the youtube page, this particular video won several national and international awards for the production, so I figured it was worth sharing. :)

          • La Sombra

            The awards are impressive for the industry, but the story line is too melodramatic for my taste.

          • CrusaderSounds

            That’s fair enough. To each his (or her) own.

          • La Sombra

            Sorry for sounding so gloomy, just that I’ll have to endure another round of sharing this fictional story on fb by my Xtian family and friends who thinks it’s a true story we should all learn from.

  • La Sombra

    OMG! 600+ comments in the span of a year, and there’s still people out there that put absolutely no thought to the fact that this story is FICTION!!!

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