The best ways to improve your relationship.


Is your relationship getting a bit boring? Are you having some trouble? AV Media brings you the best ways to make it better.
Start dating again
In most of the cases the everyday routine and rush kills romance. Though life might be demanding, you two deserve some …

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He saved 669 Children from Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War and had no idea that they were sitting next to him.

Nicholas George Winton

In 1939, Sir Nicholas Winton saved the lives of almost 700 Jewish children. In 1988, he met them again. Their reaction will bring you to tears!

Sir Nicholas George Winton MBE was a British humanitarian who organized the rescue of 669 children, most of them Jewish, …

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Get a flat stomach with this simple exercise.


Stomach vacuum exercise is simple exercise you practice at home. You can perform the stomach vacuum while sitting, lying or kneeling.
Stomach vacuum exercise targets these innermost abdominal muscles and strengthens them. It is one of the best exercises you can perform to shrink your waistline in …

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Canadian doctor invented an iron fish that can save people from anemia.

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Six years ago, Canadian Dr. Christopher Charles went to Cambodia, where he noticed that most of the local kids were suffering from an iron deficiency. Adults weren’t doing much better: they were experiencing violent headaches and couldn’t work. This is when Dr. Charles came up with a lucky iron fish, which provides 75% of an adult’s …

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Natural Home Remedies for Bad Breath.


Bad Breath is a common problem faced by most people. Suppose you conduct a “breath test” as you head to an important encounter, and you flunk. Don’t worry—the following fast fixes can help to get rid of your bad breath.

Drink plenty of water and swish cool …

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