This French Photographer Blends Movies And Real Life Together Pixel Perfectly.


You know the feeling when you’re watching a movie and you desperately wish you could jump through the screen and join in the fun?
Well, while we wait on scientists to make that a thing (c’mon already, scientists!), French photographer François Dourlen uses his iPhone to …

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Mark Zuckerberg Founded Facebook, But This Woman Mastered It. Check Out Her Amazing Profile Pictures.


We’re all on Facebook. If you’re not, just pretend for a second, ok? It’s such a powerful tool – yet – so few of us actually use the site to its full potential. With the ability to contact almost any living person with the click …

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Learn How To Cool Down Your Warm Beer In Under 2 Minutes With Science.


Ever find yourself with a warm can of beer and wish you could have it be freezing cold in 2 minutes flat? Yeah, we thought so
Well this video is for you. Just a tad bit of science can go a long way to ensuring …

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How to Ace a Job Interview (Teenage Girl)


Job interviews can be incredibly nerve racking and can leave some unfortunate teens in tears. So to help you ace your job interviews here are a few simple tips.
1.Dress appropriately.
Deciding what to wear can be hard, but it is crucial to acing your job interview. …

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8 Ways to Look Better in Photos Without Using Photoshop.


Ever look at a picture of yourself and think, “Oh no! Do I really look like that?” We’ve all been there. Here are some simple ways to look more like a natural beauty without having to resort to the fakeness of photoshop.
1) Use Make Up …

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