It’s Alive! Beheaded Fish…Must Watch This Video.


One woman was filmed scaling a fish in her kitchen when the body of the decapitated fish began to move in her hands.

Watch the Video Below!

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Transgender Teen Takes A Selfie Every Day For 3 Years To Show His Dramatic Transformation Into A Man.


Jamie Raines was born as what most of us would consider to be a girl, but that never felt right to him. Now, after undergoing 3 years of testosterone hormone treatment, Raines has shared a timelapse video with the world featuring 1,400 photos that document …

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These Dot Designs Of Manicures You Must Try.


Do you love to paint nails? These fashionable and elegant designs will awake a new crave in you for getting your nails painted in polkas. You don’t need a brush, Simply pick up a toothpick because polka dots is the new trend.
Check The Below Designs.

If  You …

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This Puppy Is Really Trained. If You Love Dogs, You Must Watch This Video.


This Dog knows what to do exactly.

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Your sleeping positions revealing true relationship status.


Sleeping is an activity where the subconscious works, and if a couple is unable to show their true feelings for each other during their waking hours, the sleeping positions taken by them can tell them what they feel for each other, and how connected they …

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