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Better ways for an Amazing Adventure trip

Do you want to go on an amazing adventure like the ones Veeoneeye and Christian Novelli go on with their friends? Read on to find out!



  • Have the right clothes.You will want to be wearing clothes… like this Examples: Jeans, Tracksuits, Jumpers, sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Shorts, etc..If you were going in a forest you might wear jeans and a hoodie or jumper and a t-shirt whereas if you were having a sand dune adventure you would probably wear shorts and t-shirt.Some people are against wearing skinny jeans if you are tree climbing and adventuring but i think that skinny jeans are fine.
  • Shoes: Boots, Converse, Runners y’know just don’t wear flip flops!!!
  • Finding a place to adventure:I like to adventure in the fields behind my house and the wood but you can adventure anywhere long as its safe and you arent trespassing.
  • Equipment. I like to travel lightly and usually i will just bring my phone and sometimes i bring my camera. I also bring my penny board which is useful if you have to walk down the road to a field you can just penny there instead. Maybe you could also bring a bagpack with food and stuff. Tents are awesome to bring if you plan on staying out overnight. If you are staying at night bring a lighter or some matches to start a fire.
  • Heading out! So basically your adventure should be you and your friends climbing trees and making rope swings and finding cool stuff. Just have fun and don’t take this too seriously



Don’t trespass on other people land.

Don’t stay out too late at night.
Things You’ll Need

Suitable Clothing and footwear.

Place To Adventure


Lighter or Matches

Optional Things: (Friends, Phone and/or Camera, Food and Drinks, Penny Board