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1. Hair loss is common

Hair loss is a problem faced by both males and females. But baldness affects males only.85 percent of all males when they reaches fifty should to have face hair loss even to small extend. A minority also exhibit hair loss and baldness even at their 20 yrs of age.

2. Misunderstanding

There is lot of misunderstanding about hair loss. One of it is wearing hats may leads to hair loss. Same as that putting of finger over hair will not influence hair loss. Combing of hair in different way also will not influence hair loss.

3. Avoid smoking

Some recent studies say that there is close relation with smoking and hair loss. So quit smoking if you had fear of baldness.

4. Baldness is not a health problem

There is no relation with hair loss and health of an individual. Hair loss is not a sign of any disease. But the problems are in the appearance. Feel old when others see a bald headed man.

5. Reason for hair loss

95 percentage of hair loss is mainly due to hereditary factors. It will got by genetic factors if anyone of the parents has the genetic history of hair loss. It will transfer to next generation automatically. The hormone behind baldness is dihydro testosterones. This hormone will leads to constriction of the hair and gradually it will leads to hair loss and from there to baldness. Some medicines with increased vitamin A content may also leads to baldness. Due to reduced proten content in blood may leads to hair loss also. Stress may also be a reason for baldness.

6. Prevent hair loss

Preventing hair loss is better before total loss of hair. Identify the real cause of the hair loss and treat the cause is the best way of treatment. But use hair boosting medicines available in the market only after close watching towards it.

7. Effective medicines

There is a banana talk that “there is no medicine for baldness.” It is true to some extent. But medicines can decrease the speed of hair loss.

Minoxidil is a medicine usually used in the treatment of blood pressure. Now it is proved that it s also efficient in preventing baldness. Apply this liquid two times in a day 90 percent of the users got good result. The total action of this medicine is not known. But it is efficient in youngsters.

It is a costly treatment. Have to continue till the end of life. If stops once hair loss will restart again. Have side effects like itching.

8. Types of baldness

There is wide variety and type of baldness. It also affects man in different type of approach. See the wide variety of baldness from the picture.

9. Hormones are the reason

As like the medical name of baldness it has two factors it is Androgen hormone and genetic factors. There is lot of hormones which affects baldness. But the main hormone which affects baldness is androgen.

Main male hormone testosterone and its product dihidrotestosterone also affect hair growth. Hair growth during adolescence is facilitated by this hormone. It helps to enlarge the follicles for the growth of hair. This hormone also facilitate hair loss when they become aged this is also facilitated by this hormone.

10. Medicines

Finasteride is a medicine for disease to prostate. also helpful in treatment of baldness. This medicine will suppress the activity of testosterone and their by facilitate hair growth. DHD level in blood and skull will be reduced and by the action of this medicine. This medicine gives good result in 50 percent of peoples. But this medicine has huge side effect. That is it will reduce sexual ability. Males are not recommended to use this medicine. The use of this medicine cause handicapped child in her next delivery.

11. Wig and hair fixing

Lot of methods are now available to overcome baldness. Varieties of wigs are available now in markets. Same as that lot of hair transplants are now available in markets. Transplanting is the technique of taking hair from the other areas and transplants it in the bald area.

12. scalp reduction

Removing the area of scalp with out hair and tighten the remaining scalp with hair make the feeling of hair all over the head. It depends on the elasticity of the scalp. It ia reconsructing sugery of scalp.

13. Arrange according to the convenience

Arrrange hair by hiding baldness aby cutting and adjusting hair. It is the only way when medicines are not so much applicable.

14. Healthy food

Healthy food and care of hair can control the hair loss. Plasma is so much important in hair growth. Keratin content is essential for hair strength. Take foods rich in keratin content and synthesis of keratin.