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In 1989, an earthquake measuring 8.2 points almost wiped out Armenia, in less than four minutes, killing more than 30,000 people.

At the time of this nightmare and chaos of a man left his wife at home, make sure it is safe, and rushed to the school, where he was to be his son. Reaching there, he discovered that the building was flattened. Recovering from the shock, he remembered his promise that once gave his son:

– Whatever happens, I always come to your aid!

Tears filled his eyes. He looked at the pile of rubble on the spot where once was a school. It looked hopeless, but he remembered his promise to his son!

He tried to remember where averted son every morning. Remembered the location of the class that was supposed to be in the right rear corner of the building. He rushed back and began to go through the stones.

Meanwhile, the school approached other grieving parents, who cried in despair:

– My son! My daughter!

Some parents in good faith tried to drag grieving people from the ruins, urging:

– Too late!

– They died.

– You can not help them!

– Let’s go home!

– Be realistic, there is nothing you can do! Father to each parent spoke with one question:

– You’re going to help me?

And he continued to stone by stone to disassemble the blockage to get to his son.

Appeared marshal and tried to drive away all remnants of the school building, explaining:

– Now everywhere flash fires, explosions occur. You are putting yourself in danger. We take care of all. Go home.

In response to this loving father asked the fire:

– You’re going to help me? A policeman came and said:

– You are angry and behave irrationally. Endanger others. Go home. We will do that themselves.

Father asked in response:

– You’re going to help me?

He bravely continued to dismantle the dam alone, because he had to make sure his son is alive or dead.

He dug 8:00 … 12:00 … 24h … 36 hours. Finally, at the 38th hour he pushed a huge stone and heard the voice of his son.

– Armand! – Called his father’s name. And the reply was:

– Dad? It’s me, Dad! I told the other kids not to worry. I told them that if you’re alive, you have saved us. After all, you promised, “Whatever happens, I always come to the rescue!” And did you do it, Dad!

– What’s going on? How is it? – Asked the father.

– We left fourteen of thirty-three, Dad. We’re all scared, hungry, thirsty. Still waiting for you.

When the building collapsed, then a niche, and it saved us.

– Come, my son, come out!

– No, Daddy! Let the other kids go first, because I know that you save me. Whatever happens, you will come to my aid.

Written By : Mark V. Hansen