90s things that are no longer socially acceptable

Who can forget the 90’s? It was such a simple time full of experimental fashion and devoid of social media. Kids in the 90’s grew up without outlets like Facebook and YouTube for entertainment, and it was certainly a different time.

Even though it was only almost twenty years ago, the 90’s have essentially become the new 80’s when it comes to looking back and remembering how different things used to be.

There are definitely a few things that were seen as socially acceptable back then, that would have most people raising an eyebrow today.

Here are 16 things that were seen as normal and acceptable in the 90’s but would be seen as completely bizarre today. Whether it be a fashion statement or a form of socialization, a lot of things were very different.

1. Brown Lipstick:
For some reason, this used to be a thing. Perhaps they were aiming for a natural look, but brown lipstick really just makes it look like you’ve been eating chocolate.

2. Phone Numbers:
In the 90’s, it was pretty common for people to memorize a handful of phone numbers. I remember a few family and friends’ numbers that I could dial by heart. Nowadays, people rarely even know their significant other’s number by heart. We let our smartphones handle that for us.

3. Making Plans:
In the 90’s. it was all about scheduling ahead and keeping plans organized. There was no way to quickly check if plans were still on, and if your pal was already out for the day, there would be no way of reaching them.

4. Middle Parts:
While this mostly goes for men’s hair styles, most women tend to part their hair to the side or pushed back rather than rocking a full-on middle part as well.

5. Frosted Tips:
This was a huge thing for guys in boy bands. Who remembers Justin Timberlake’s frosted tip look? Unless you’re Guy Fieri, this look is pretty much extinct today

6. Watching TV:



Back in the 90’s if you liked a show you could only watch one episode at a time. Sometimes one episode per week! Show binges were not a thing unless you owned the box set. You would have to wait a week to see a new episode and if you wanted to watch an old episode you would have to wait for it to air as a rerun.

7. Airport Meetings:
It used to be a pretty romantic gesture to pick up your loved one at the airport gates. Or maybe you want to meet a family member. But thanks to new rules to avoid airport traffic, you now have to meet them in the departure area.

8. Sweater around the Waist:
Okay, so I guess technically some people can still pull this off, but not with any sweater. It’s definitely not something you see as often as you would have in the 90’s.

9. Photo Backgrounds:
Elementary school photos from the ‘90s are usually pretty hilarious. The strange hairstyles and wardrobe were one thing, but the strange backgrounds were always wild. You definitely don’t see any school pictures with lasers in the background anymore.

10. Pushing Someone in the Pool:
This was seen as a funny prank back in the day, but if you were to do this to someone now you would definitely be facing a friend who is demanding you to replace their water-logged phone.

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