8 Ways to Look Better in Photos Without Using Photoshop.

Ever look at a picture of yourself and think, “Oh no! Do I really look like that?” We’ve all been there. Here are some simple ways to look more like a natural beauty without having to resort to the fakeness of photoshop.

1) Use Make Up – Obviously, don’t cake it on, but a little make up will make your face glow rather than shine.

2) Pose – Zoolander had Blue Steel, what will you have?

3) Lean Your Head Forward – It accentuates your jawline, Makes your body look slimmer, and your neck shorter.

4) Showcase Your Good Side – You know which one is your good side, showcase it!

5) Act Natural – Relax and act natural, when you are comfortable, you appear more naturally beautiful.

6) Take Pictures at Sunset – The lighting will make you as radiant as the sun itself.

7) Smile – You’re never fully dressed without one. It can add a lot of pop to your pic

8) Take Pictures at the BEGINNING of the Night – If the camera adds 10 pounds, booze adds 10 years.

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