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Pinching fat on tummy

Everyone say that everything that i have done is to fill my stomach. But filling will extend up to a sac. Beauty of stomach is too much important. It doesn’t mean about six packs or eight pack muscle. Good dream to hear. But fried items don’t allow that. We can control our potted belly by selecting particular foods.

Be selective in taking food to control our belly. Let start with some tasty foods that helps to control potted belly. Along with exercise taking of selective foods also helps to control potted belly.

Almond almond-425x282

It is called as nut of rich man. Now it has going to be changed. Now it is available in almost all markets. It is rich in protein, fibres, vitamin E, which is essential for our body. Element magnesium which has important function like controlling of blood sugar level, providing energy according to need of body and which also gives strength to muscles. Almond is rich in magnesium. By controlling of blood glucose level obesity occurring due to increased intake of food will also e reduced. Recent studies say that some factors in almond can prevent fat deposition in our body. Taking of almond nut 30 gram per day can show you the result. Let’s do it.

Egg hard boiled egg isolated on white

Most complete food ever in the world is egg. All elements required for human body is filled in that oval shaped material. A nutrient like protein, amino acids, zinc, which is essential for the development of muscle to brain is rich in egg. Fell of hungry is less in peoples who take egg than carbohydrate rich food. In western countries they follow their breakfast as a glass of lemon juice and an egg. If cholesterol level is high avoid taking egg. One egg contains 213 grams cholesterol.

Apple food-red-apple

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a famous quote that we all now. Apple helps to reduce obesity.85 percentage of an apple is water. Apple release hungry because of the water content. Also increased water content it also helps to prevent obesity. Recent studies says that a actor named as corseting which helps to works against cancer is rich in apple. Apple has also ability to provide strength to lungs also.




Curd is the good food material to reduce potted belly. It is rich source of calcium. Probiotic bacteria in the curd help in digestion. It also helps to prevent gas trouble, constipation, distended stomach due to usual reasons etc. Taking fat removed curd up to three cups is beneficial.



Good news for non vegetarians. Almost all fishes are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. Taking of this fishes helps to destruct the over fat content deposited in our body. Glucose insulin relation in the peoples who include fishes in their diet is too much high. Some sea fishes can control our digestion process also. It also reduces the increased grave towards food.



Instead of carbohydrate foods like rice, wheat etc taking of corn which is rich in protein and vitamins is more beneficial to reduce fat. Instead of rice food corn maid breads, uppuma are advisable. No need to eat more.

Leafy vegetables


Leafy vegetables are rich o f calcium. One cup of brucauli will give 20 percentage of fibres needed for a body in day. A factor named as carotinoid which helps to resist cancer is also rich in cauliflower. So add leafy vegetables i your diet it helps to reduce obesity.

Strawberry and blueberry


Most fibre contented fruits are from berry families. Intake of fibre rich foods gives more benefits. Intake of fibre rich food helps digestion. By absorption of food by fibres itself before the absorption of the body and excrete it. By this it will helps to prevent obesity due to accumulation of other food items. Berry fruits are good anti oxidants also. It prevents cancer. Make circulation easy. Make muscle fibres strength and easy. These all are the benefits of berry fruits.