6 Exercises For Women To Reduce Fat From Thighs.

If you have fat thighs, this article is for you. A woman’s thighs incline to get skinny and toned when the body fat percentage gets to about 18%. For your thighs to become slim and toned you need to know your thigh type and the kind of exercises that you need follow in order to tone your thighs and get the needed definition.

The following exercises will help you to reduce fat from thighs.

1. Cossack Squat

This exercise provides a distinctive training impetus for the lower body including the thighs and it shapes the glutes and thighs from every angle possible.

Stand with feet placed apart for more than shoulder width and keep your arms relaxed and at the sides. Now squat as deep as you possibly can to the left, all the while turning the right toes up, bending the right foot. The right leg will remain straightforward and torso inclines slightly forward to sustain balance.

Now spread arms straight out from shoulders. Now get back to the preliminary position and do the exercise on the opposite side in order to complete one rep. Do 2-4 sets of 8-12 reps.

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2. Inner thigh blaster

Stand about a forearm space away from a solid chair and hold it lightly with right hand. Step about feet hip-distance separate with the toes pointing straightforward ahead.

Now place a small ball which is soft or same sized pillow sandwiched between your inner thighs. Now keep the left hand on hip and lift your heels while balancing on balls of feet. Curve your knees and get down an inch as if sliding down a wall. Press inner thighs into the ball not too tightly, keep the shoulders set over hips and the hips stacked over ankles, and keep you core tight.

Elevate your hips back up and bring the left arm above and squeeze the ball with your inner thighs. Lower yourself about an inch and repeat the whole exercise. Continue till you do 30 reps, and then repeat the whole thing on the other side.

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3. Scissor leg planks

You need to keep giving attention to other parts of the body along with the inner thighs and the scissor movement in the exercise gets your arms, chest, core, and glutes to participate in the exercise and make your core strong.

Begin in a full plank place and keep each foot on a folded towel or a gliding disc. Now keeping your upper body steady, try and slide your feet away from each other and opening the legs as wide as you can and then gradually squeeze inner thighs to glide the feet back together.

Do 2 sets of 15 reps, taking a 2 minute break in between reps.

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4. Squeeze and lift

The small series of motion in this insulated movement makes this exercise better choice for people who have weak inner-thigh muscles or those hampered by a groin injury.

Keep a small ball between ankles, something like a soft cushioned ball and lie on right side while supporting the head with bent right arm. Now bend your top arm and press hand on the floor to stablise the body. Squeeze the inner thighs to keep the ball secure.

Increase the length of the legs and then try and press the bottom leg towards the top in order to lift both legs about 6 inches off the ground.

Hold for 5 counts. Do 10 reps; repeat on opposite side.

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5. Barbell Squat

In order to shrink the size of your thighs and make them more toned, you need to lose fat in the thigh area. To increase fat loss and increasing the tightness in your inner thighs, the barbell squats is the best exercise for you.

Place a barbell across shoulders but take care to not keep on top of your neck. Stand with feet kept apart a tad wider than shoulder width and the toes curved out around 10 to 15 degrees. Now start bending at knees and hips, lowering the body as close to the floor as you can, but make sure the heels do not lift off the ground and the lower back should not lose its shape.

Keep the knees wide enough and pursuing in the same direction as toes try to avoid dropping the knees towards the body.

Reverse the motion and stand up. Try and do 3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps.

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6. Forward Lunge to Single Leg deadlift

The chief role of the inner-thigh muscle is to bend and extend the femur or the thigh bone when walking. When the leg is in front of the body, the inner thighs produce an extension and when the leg is behind the body, they produce flexion.

This exercise targets the same muscles that produce the same movement and in addition, it also affects the hamstrings and glutes.

Stand with the arms kept on the sides, then step with your right foot forward while lowering into a lunging position. Shift the body weight onto the right leg and stand up, maintain the balance on right leg with left knee bent.

Spread left leg backwards while right knee bends to some extent, the body must make a straight line from left heel to head. Instantly swing the left leg advancing forward into a lunge and repeat on the opposite side and complete the rep.

Do 2 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps while taking some rest in between sets.

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