5 Movies Every Woman Should See.

Woman are not only interested in movies about love, But also they are interested in other genre. Here are the 10 Movies list. AV MEDIA has already put together one such list of movies for you. But there are so many more, Also it was impossible to mention all in one go. So here’s 5 movies every woman should see.

My Blueberry Nights


The brilliant acting and faultless camera work in this film from Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai give it an unreal, dreamlike quality. It would be impossible to mention this movie and not give due praise to its soundtrack, without which it would lose a great deal of its charm.



’Stepmom’ is a story of strong emotions, motherhood, devotion, and the struggle we often face to take control of our lives in the face of circumstances beyond our control. A complex movie which lays bare the contradictory personalities of the main characters (played to perfection by Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon) for all to see.

The Hours


’The Hours’ is a deeply complex whirlpool of a film which lets you glimpse something of the mystery hidden in the soul of every woman. Its director hasn’t made any special effort to help the audience understand what’s going on — but that’s no criticism in this case. Instead, it’s for the viewers themselves to ponder the key questions which the movie raises: Why are we so often unhappy? Is happiness actually a whole lot closer than we thought?

The Mirror Has Two Faces


A heart-warming and entertaining movie with wonderful acting throughout. Barbra Streisand managed to direct, produce and act in this surprisingly realistic depiction of love.

My One and Only


A movie for those who follow their heart rather than their head, filled with a whole host of contrasting but fascinating characters. The story of Ann Deveraux, a less than perfect mother to two sons, is thankfully free of moralising, and instead just shows life as it is.

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