About to kiss on a first date


I’ve taught many guys who have a hard time getting down the concept of touching women that they’re interested in. It’s most likely because you’re raised thinking you should keep your hands to yourself. Then again I was also raised believing that you’re only allowed to urinate in bathrooms, yet I’ve marked my territory in every New York City phone booth I’ve encountered. So sometimes the things you’re taught as a kid are complete bullshit?

If you have ever been rejected for a kiss it’s most likely because you haven’t touched enough. If you kept your hands to yourself all night, and then suddenly try to get a kiss, you’re going to come off too strong. It makes you seem like that creepy cousin at the Christmas Eve party who collects insects, and smells funny, who is quite all night, but after a few drinks he has his arm around you, telling you how much he loves you and that you two should hang out more often.

So do yourself and your date a favor, start touching more.


According to romance movies the ideal first date is dinner and a movie. Then again according to romance movies it’s completely acceptable to wait outside a girls window and watch her sleep, so is pretty much any other form of stalking. But in reality if you text a woman too much she’ll be turned off, and if you watch her sleep from a tree outside her window you’ll probably end up sodomized in your friendly local state penitentiary.

So if you take a girl for dinner and a movie on the first date, you’re most likely going to be spending a ton of money and end up going nowhere. Conor likes to take girls to happy hour at his favorite bar, and I like to take girls on picnics, and usually end up spending about twenty bucks.

You should be doing what you like to do, and not what you think you should be doing. Because what you think you should be doing probably hasn’t been working out too well.


My mom used to tell me it was rude to talk about sex with a woman, unless you guys were exclusively dating. And I’m sure many mothers have told many children the same thing, because “that’s not what gentlemen do”. Just because I would do consensually unholy things to a woman and her vagina in a public bathroom, doesn’t mean I won’t hold the door for her after we’re done. Talking about sex doesn’t have to be rude. As a matter of fact have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like sex? So why wouldn’t someone want to talk about it?

If you transition the conversation in a matter that makes sense no one will be offended for talking about sex. If she’s talking about her recently deceased dog, and you say “Interesting…did you lose your virginity before or after you got your puppy” then it’ll just seem like you’re an idiot. So guys don’t be afraid to talk about sex, everyone likes talking about sex in the right setting.

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