15 Things Guys Do That Make Me Swoon


1.Winking. Just like…I’m blushing just thinking about it.

2.Hugs from behind.

3.When a guy makes me a drink or offers me a drink. Don’t mind if I do. I guess I would die of happiness regardless of gender. I like drinking.

4.If a guy asks me to help him fix his tie or bowtie. Let me just yank you in and help you fix a few other things.

5.The occasional hand through his hair. But not too much, or else bye.

6.That jaw thing! I don’t know what the heck he’s doing—maybe clenching his jaw—but it twitches or does something. But it’s usually when he’s angry or thinking. So sexy. Help.

7.Having light-colored eyes.

8.Crooked smilez.

9.Super-subtle touching. Was it intentional? I hope it was, but let’s be real—it probably wasn’t but regardless, I am turned on. Thank you.

10.When you catch a guy laughing at your joke, especially when he’s on the more quiet side. Like I don’t care if anybody else is laughing at my joke. All I care about is the fact that HE subtly smiled. If he chuckles, throw me off a cliff of satisfaction.

11.When you catch a guy sort of giving you a subtle up-down, but only if you’re feeling pretty. And his gaze is sexy as fuhhh.

12.When a guy talks about a girl he likes and actually seems infatuated with her. But this only makes me die of happiness if I don’t like the guy romantically. Otherwise I’ll just go fuck myself.

13.Offering me a jacket when it’s chillllayyyy outside and I was dumb and didn’t bring one myself. SUE ME I’M A LITTLE OLD-FASHIONED. Actually please don’t; my salary is minimal.

14.When I insist on splitting the bill and I hand him my credit card and he’s like OK fine, and then after the waitress walks away, he slides me back my card with a li’l smirk.

15.OK, so this one is like straight from a movie and it happened and it was real. I was walking through Brooklyn, and it unexpectedly started POURING. Like the “why wear clothes” sort of rain because I was soaked through to the bone. Then this guy comes up from somewhere (I don’t know exactly because I was blinded by rain soaking into my eyeballs) and offers to walk me home with his umbrella.

Um, I love boys, so I could probably list more than 15, but I have to get back to work.

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