10-Year-Old Son Gives Best Man Speech At Dad’s Wedding And Completely Steals The Show

When Kevin Rabatin decided he was going to marry his girlfriend Briana, he knew exactly who would be his best man.

His ten-year-old son Jaydon.

But of course, with being a best man comes a certain number of duties, like the best man speech.

I remember when I had to perform a speech as the best man at my friend’s wedding.

I usually don’t get nervous speaking in public but I have to admit, there were more than a few butterflies in my stomach right before the big moment!

Above all else, I was a little worried that all the jokes in my head wouldn’t be funny, and what’s a best man’s speech without a little humor!

But Jaydon surprised everyone — even Kevin — with how funny his speech turned out to be.

Kevin only found out about the speech a couple of days before the big day. Jaydon’s mom helped him write it but the ideas were all his.

“I was nervous for him. I tried to give him a pep talk before the wedding,” Kevin said.

Turns out the kid didn’t need it!

“He did a great job.”

Not only did Jaydon crack everyone up with his jokes, but he also expressed some heartwarming feelings about his dad and his new step-mom.

Check out his speech in the video below and please SHARE it on Facebook!

Please SHARE it on Facebook!