10 Tips For Maintaining Healthy Teeth

10 Tips For Maintaining Healthy Teeth

1. Importance of teeth

Importance of teeth in human is too much high when considering other living beings. Because human uses teeth for speaking, laughing, etc. Not only for those reasons but the main functions is chewing. Without teeth we can’t eat foods tastefully. And absence of teeth makes alteration in nutrient absorption. Let us see some ways to maintain health of tooth.

2. Twice daily

Brush your tooth daily two times. Don’t brush forcefully or for a long time. Take two to five minutes by using tooth paste or powder in small quantity. Make sure that brush will cover all the area of tooth. Up and down motion is most good for brushing.

3. No use for your plenty of time brushing

There is no use for brushing if you are not brushing in good way. The right way is moving brush from gum to teeth. Tapping your gum by using finger is also beneficial.

4. Soft fibres are better

Brushes with small head and soft fibres are better and safe. Smooth fibres prevent loss of enamel.

5. Spread of microorganism.

Don’t pace everyone’s brush together. It will lead to spread of microorganisms each other.

6. Clean inside and outside aspect.

You should clean inner and outer aspect. Someone will try to clean parallel to teeth only. It is not a good habit.

7. Upper part of tooth

Place brush in 45 degree angle it will facilitate fibres o reach upper part of tooth. And there by it helps to remove waste particles from there.

8. Keep tooth brush dry after washing it in clean water.

Clean tooth brush after brushing using clean water and keep it dry. Don’t place it in open places.

9. Change tooth brush

Change brush in each two or three months. Be careful in taking good quality brushes.

10. Don’t use other ones brush

Don’t take others brush for brushing. Using others brush can cause transmission of their diseases.