10 signs I’m in love with you…


  1. You are the first thing  I think about when i wake up and last thing I thing about when i fall sleep.
  2. Just thinking about you puts the biggest smile on my face and my heart beats faster and faster (like now).
  3. Every love song I listen to, I think of you.
  4. I read all our conversation over and over again.
  5. When we are together, I never the moment to end, I want it to last forever and ever.
  6. Whenever I am with you or look at you, nothing else in the world matters, I am blind to everything but you!
  7. I am on cloud nine just the way you smell.
  8. Just by hearing your voice, I get butterflies and cant help but smile.
  9. I miss you even before you leave.
  10. I would do anything in the world for you since you are my world and my everything .