10 Phrases Which Parents Should Never Say To Their Children.

One carelessly spoken phrase can have a strong negative impact on the mind of a small child. That’s why it’s very important when interacting with your child to pick your words carefully, and in some cases avoid saying certain things at all.

1. When I was your age, I was doing great.

2. You’re my little monkey, my little piglet! (etc.)

3. That other boy did better than you on the test.

4. If you do that one more time, I’ll stop loving you.

5. Don’t make me ashamed of you.

6. You’re just like your father/mother.

7. If you don’t finish eating that, you’ll grow up to be a weakling.

8. If you don’t behave, we’ll give you away to your uncle.

9. I’m going to punish you later!

10. I don’t want to see you or hear you.

So please be careful to do not use these phrases while talking to children.